Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scratch and Dent!

Last week we went to see Dr. Ayer again. We were hoping for some weight gain and that is just what we got. Topping the scales at 17pounds 12 and a half ounces, Devi has gained just over a pound in a month. Whew! we first time parents must be doing something right! In addition, she also got 4 shots...2 per leg. Surprisingly, she didn't cry, although she was a bit miffed that someone would dare to hold her down. After another blood draw, we were out of there with a glowing report. Devi is in the 9% for her weight and actually has a little belly now and all the tests show she is in excellent health.

The excitement of the day caught up with her the next day when she woke up not in the best frame of mind. Feeling a little sore in the legs and slightly under the weather from all the poking and prodding, I thought a nice leisurely stroll through the park would be the perfect way to spend our morning.

The ground was full of bright fall colored leaves and as we walked we occasionally would cross paths with others drifting by who had just lost their grip from the branch where they once soaked in the summer sun. Although it was brisk, the sun was out and we were catching a warm ray across our faces here and there as we walked the pebbly path through the Japanese garden in our local park.

We had just crossed the arched little bridge that crosses a trickle of a stream when I noticed a fallen pine cone. I love to stop and let Devi explore new things so I set the brake on the baby jogger and turned to pick up the cone. When I turned back to lay it in her lap, the jogger was in mid air! Evidently, I had parked the jogger with the front tire on a curb that was hidden by the large amount of fallen leaves. The front tire bounced down to solid ground and the rear shock absorbers got just enough lift from the bounce to send the whole contraption, with baby strapped in, head over tea kettle. It landed with a thud on the muddy path with her still in it, face down. I panicked! With super human strength, I righted the cart :) Devi was screaming and covered in mud...the first time I had ever heard that sound from her. Bad mommy, bad mommy!

In my efforts to console Devi, several people jogged and strolled past. Many with dogs in tow. This is when I realized...the DOG! I wheeled around to see poor Cayenne standing beside the dropped cone, leash laying limp on the ground with a scared look on her face, just standing and waiting. GOOD GIRL! (Greyhounds off the leash in an unfenced park with squirrels and other dogs is a big risk for her....after all she is a sight hound and loves to chase what she sees) She got extra pets for being so well behaved. It was truly a recipe for a double disaster.

Surveying the damage, Devi managed to get by with a little road rash on both hands and a big bruise and scrape on one cheek. Bad mommy, bad mommy! Mommy nearly had a heart attack with an adrenalin rush equivalent to about ten cups of coffee. Now we were off to meet daddy for lunch....oh boy! :)

I had to chuckle a bit when we reached daddy at the restaurant. Devi went straight to him and began babbling, nonstop, in a serious tone. She was tattling on mommy! She told him the whole story in the greatest of detail. Traumatic as it was, she is fine and we have our FIRST scratch and dent out of the way.

Monday, October 15, 2007


First pony ride at the pumpkin patch!

With India nearly a month behind us, we are finally owning up to the fact that fall is here. It has been extremely difficult to switch my wardrobe to long sleeves - sometimes even wearing a coat - when my mind is still swirling with memories of fresh lime sodas, palm trees, and 90 degree temperatures with a humidity to match.

With our first post placement visit under our belt, we are finding a pace that seems comfortable for our family and which actually includes trips to the gym using the nursery, eating dinner out at restaurants and not having to bring the Hoover to clean up afterwards and, if you can believe it, a date - complete with babysitter and everything! (the babysitters were my dad and his friend Gail, but it still counts!)

The wonder of discovering the world through a child's eyes is probably the best part of my day. Devi notices everything. I love to watch her process information as it enters those deep brown eyes, after a moment of pause comes the furrowed brow, as she ponders the situation, and finally the breathy smile that now shows all 3 of her teeth, two lower and one upper. When she is really excited we also get the bouncing from her little chubby thighs emphasizing her enthusiasm. All this over her first touch of a corn stalk or finding the tiny speck of lint I happened to miss while vacuuming. :)

Mornings are spent waking up in our big bed, after daddy gets her from her crib. There is something so satisfying about watching the weather across the globe, on the television, with your little one sitting, leaning back on your chest, contently humming and sucking her thumb...always with her cute little ankles crossed the same way everyday...right over left, toes haphazardly wiggling from time to time. We discuss breakfast, scrambled yolks are her current favorite with sliced bananas, of course!

I love to swing and go high!

So goes our days, but we've added words. Devi now says mama, da da, yum yum (over scrambled yolks!) and I think I heard "Hey" the other day. She knows the meaning of several words, like "NO", but also has learned selective hearing :). Devi also loves playing with her Oma at least once a week and daddy all the time, of course.

Picking out my pumpkin at Spooky's pumpkin patch

Our big outing over the past weekend was to Spooky's, our favorite pumpkin patch. We have yet to carve our faceless jack-o-lanterns, their features still melding with the creative juices in our own noggins. Something tells me, as Devi turns 11 months old today, that all 3 pumpkins faces will be smiling ones this year!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

Meeting family like Great Grandma Verna

Sitting in a box that contained a gift all the way from Tallkeetna Alaska
Thank you Sandy and Butch!

Discovering Music

One of our dreams was realized last night. Although it is probably silly, every time we sat on the couch and watched a rented movie over this past year, we dreamed of the day that this event would mark the winding down of a day. With our baby in her crib having sweet dreams, we would sit in the quiet, enjoying each others company over a glass of wine, and watch a movie....nothing that requires alot of thought, mind you, just some light entertainment before hitting the sack ourselves.

Earth, an Indian film, was the movie of choice. The wine, was suppose to be relaxing, but who really needs help relaxing after chasing a small child all day? In any case, the evening brought heavy eyelids and big smiles to both of us as, together, we realized a dream turned reality.

Monday, October 01, 2007

An A+ Day!

Last Saturday, Devi had her first church experience. Sadly, it was a memorial for a family friend who had passed away while we were traveling. The ironic thing about King, is that he was orphaned at an early age too. His aunt and uncle came to become his new parents when he was just 8 years old. His life story is incredible, but one statement he made in a recent autobiography video hit home with me. He said that once his aunt and uncle came for him, he tried hard to be a good and worthy son to them so that they would not be disappointed. Heavy thoughts for such a young tike, but so important to him.

Later that day, Devi had the pleasure of meeting ALL the relatives on my mother's side of the family and almost all of Pat's immediate family. She did great and was quite the ham. I think she was patted, squeezed, poked and prodded by everyone meeting all of their approvals. Bits of my mother live on in her sister, my Aunt Kathy, and it warms my heart that Devi can get a small glimpse of what her Grandma DeeDee was like through her. The sisters mannerisms are much the same as well as the tone of their voices and facial features.

Today we had our A+ day! We went to see Dr. Ayer, marking our first doctor visit. Devi warmed the hearts of everyone in the office, she is such a flirt. Weighing in at 16 pounds, 10 ounces, she falls on the 15% mark on the American growth chart. She is 27.5 inches tall, which hits the 25% mark in height. We were thrilled that she made it on the chart! I guess we didn't learn anything we didn't all ready know....we have a tall and skinny girl.

Mommy and daddy managed to get a an A+ in the nutrition and caring department too. All and all we did great, but we'll see how we are growing in 3 weeks AND have to do the blood draws and immunization stuff. Dr. Ayer wanted her to sort of like him a little before having to do the hard part.

We celebrated the day by taking Devi to her first 3 dollar steak night. Every Monday, a couple of the area restaurants offer a small steak and fries for 3 bucks. We've been going for years and everyone knows us. Although Devi did not eat steak, she was delighted to sit in a big girl high chair and smiled and stared at everyone. She loves the noisy crowds and ate better out than she does at home!

After one of daddy's wonderful baths, a bed time story where Devi has to give kisses to all the pictures of the babies, and a warm bottle, she is fast asleep in her crib. Another busy day has come to a close.