Thursday, July 06, 2006

Confucious Says...

I've been carrying these tattered fortunes in my wallet for the past few months. They are from a wonderful little restaurant called Mike's Mandarin Kitchen, where we hold our business meetings.

I decided to add them today because we are now officially in the top 10 on the waiting list! So maybe, just maybe, these fortunes will come true. The winter months have always been lucky for us, having been married on December 3rd...18 years this year! AND we are more than ready to hear pleasant news of a personal nature!

We also spurged for Impulse Buy #3! We own a baby jogger. Costco comes through once again. Slowly, but surely, there are signs that a baby may someday enter our home!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Shopping in the Baby Aisle!

Jynger, the director of the India program at Dillon, let us know that she was going to India. She was going to be meeting with Ms. Roy to go over the new adoption guidelines (like the new age requirements etc.). She mentioned that the orphanage was in need of some items if anyone would like to make a donation.

An excuse to shop in a baby aisle!! I was all over it. I picked up a few items on the list: crib sheets, plastic pants, and newborn nipples. Pat and I mailed off the items on Saturday and then headed down the street for a coffee at Art-n-Soul, one of our weekend hangouts. As we sipped our lattes, we were both day dreaming about you. Wouldn't it be neat if you got to use the items we sent? We imagined you laying on the mint green sheets or scooting around in the cute little pink flowered
plastic pants. I guess that is something we will never know, but it is fun to imagine it!

Jynger will be home (to Tulsa) on July 5th. I hope she brings good news for those of us awaiting a referral. I hope, I hope!