Thursday, October 26, 2006

Adoption Backlog

Although this is not a very nice addition to the blog, I'm trying to keep a record of all that happens so we can accurately tell the story of how you came to us.

Currently, the judge in Kolkata is not signing any adoption papers (domestic or international) and hasn't since last June. There are 11 families in front of us who know who their children are, but do not have the final signature from this judge to go pick them up. This means that the babies home is full and can accept no more children until space becomes available. The judge was suppose to go before a higher court to force him to start signing, but this did not happen. He claims he will start moving the papers along, but that has not happened yet either. So we all continue to wait.

For your daddy and me, this means that we may have to wait longer to find out who you are. We thought that you were born and at the babies home all ready, but we don't know this for sure. Another adoptive family shared their thoughts about why the adoption process takes so long. They said that you are busy taking in as many memories as you can about the beautiful country, people and culture of India to share with us as a family later. I like this idea very much and it makes the wait for you much more tolerable. In the meantime, we both hope that you are safe, healthy and well cared for.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Diwali Little One

Happy Diwali!  Tomorrow is India's most celebrated holy day.  Below is
the meaning of Diwali. Enjoy!

What is the meaning of Diwali or Deepawali?
Diwali comes from the language Sanskrit "Deepawali"-Deepa meaning
light, wali meaning row, hence row of lights. Or as otherwise known,
festival of lights. People will light 'diyas' or lights of oil, or oil
lamps. This is done by using a small brass plates or tiered plates as
a lamp and putting oil or ghee (clarified butter) in the plates and
putting wick and burning it.

What are some religious aspects of Diwali?
Diwali is celebrated differently in different parts of India,
traditions can span all over India. It is generalized that people in
South India usually take oil baths in the morning. Puja (prayer) in
South India is more associated with Goddess Laksmi, while in North
India Puja (prayer) is more associated with return of exile of the
reincarnation of God named Lord Ram.

How do people celebrate Diwali in India?
Diwali is the greatest festival. Firecrackers and candles are used.
The firecrackers begin a month in advance, and nearer to Diwali it is
not even possible to think or walk outside without them being burst.
The pujas (prayers) go on for a week or more, but due to modern times,
only one to two days is given for holiday for Diwali. Families and
friends share gifts and have nice meals on Diwali evening.

This message was sent from another adoptive family on one
of the email lists we subscribe to.

This morning, when your daddy woke up he said ,"I think about
our daughter all the time. What she is doing when she is halfway
around the world? I don't sleep in anymore, because
I know she will be getting us up early."

I hope that you are not frightened by the fireworks today. If you
are, I hope that you find comfort in the arms of one of the ayahs
that care for you.

Friday, October 13, 2006

An Anniversary of Sorts

So we've been on the list waiting for your referral for a full year and are now at #4. It is hard to believe sometimes that it has been that long. I guess the good news is that we have crested the hill of waiting and are on the downward side of the wait now. (I hope!)

The average wait from the time one's dossier is received until a referral is accepted is about 14 months right now. If that is true, we will be finding out about you for Christmas. What a wonderful gift that will be. It is times like this that we would like to say thank you to your birth mother for making such a selfless decision to give you a chance at a better life than she could offer. It is this outpouring of love that we hope you will come to appreciate and admire about someone whom you will probably never meet. You will be in her heart forever just as you have entered ours.

All of this also means that you are probably about 2 months old right now! That is amazing. You are just now discovering the world around you and have no idea that your forever family is waiting halfway around the globe waiting to discover you!

To remember this milestone I purchase you a small gift. Actually they are three books that were recommended by some of my Dillon adoptive mother friends that tell the story of international adoption. I'm sure we will read them together over and over again.

My friend Martha (who happens to adopted too) recently gave me a beautiful sari for your bedroom. She had purchased it at an Indian market in California and had packed it away for years waiting for the perfect opportunity to display it. When she found out about you, she thought you would enjoy it most. So this beautiful fuschia and mango beaded sari is now the sash across your bedroom window. Thank you Martha.