Thursday, October 26, 2006

Adoption Backlog

Although this is not a very nice addition to the blog, I'm trying to keep a record of all that happens so we can accurately tell the story of how you came to us.

Currently, the judge in Kolkata is not signing any adoption papers (domestic or international) and hasn't since last June. There are 11 families in front of us who know who their children are, but do not have the final signature from this judge to go pick them up. This means that the babies home is full and can accept no more children until space becomes available. The judge was suppose to go before a higher court to force him to start signing, but this did not happen. He claims he will start moving the papers along, but that has not happened yet either. So we all continue to wait.

For your daddy and me, this means that we may have to wait longer to find out who you are. We thought that you were born and at the babies home all ready, but we don't know this for sure. Another adoptive family shared their thoughts about why the adoption process takes so long. They said that you are busy taking in as many memories as you can about the beautiful country, people and culture of India to share with us as a family later. I like this idea very much and it makes the wait for you much more tolerable. In the meantime, we both hope that you are safe, healthy and well cared for.

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