Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Silent Night, Holy Night!

We'd hoped that we would hear news of who you are for Christmas, because we could think of no other gift we'd rather receive. Unfortunately, the governmental problems with the judge in Kolkata continue to be an issue. We also learned that VCA (the organization that determines that a child is available for International adoption) has just received it's renewed license. I don't know how long that process took, but no children could enter the adoption process during that time. So, for now, we cling to the rumor that referrals should be starting to come again in the beginning of the new year. This process has certainly taught us to have patience and faith, because without it, one would go crazy.

On Christmas eve this year, we were fortunate to have part of our extended family, George (Pat's brother), wife, Shannon and two neices Olivia and Jordan join us with Pat's parents for candle light service. We sang Christmas hymns, listened to the beautiful bell choir and received the Christmas message, all the while I was thinking of you and where you might be this magical night. As is tradition, the lights eventually lowered and we prepared to lite our candles. By this time, the girls, dressed in their new sparkly dresses, were getting tired and their holiday energy was beginning to waver. Little Jordan climbed into my lap and cuddled close to my chest. With Jordan's tiny hand in mine, we held the candle, tipping it into George's flame and soon a tiny flicker of light brightened the tip of our candle. Together, the congregation sang "Silent Night, Holy Night. All is calm, all is bright". It was tender memorable moment and it was my Christmas wish for you.

With patience and faith, next Christmas I will feel your weight on my lap and will be able to hold your tiny hand in mine.

Merry Christmas, little one