Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Food for Thought!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I took this photo for daddy's desk calendar a few months Miss February!

Learning. I've never really given it much thought until bringing a toddler into the house. We've taught the dogs to do tricks and have become accomplished at skiing or playing a game, but I've never witnessed the evolution of a young mind before. It's as if you can actually SEE the learning occur, witnessing the connection of two points in the brain and watching as a world of understanding is unveiled. I've been experiencing these ah-ha moments with Devi for a while as she has learned to walk, sign a few words, point to body parts and stuff like that. One day she has no idea about a particular thing and the next she totally gets it. It is fascinating!

Last Saturday we had our first conversation where I know she understood what we were talking about. Mommy, daddy and Devi were lounging in bed talking about the plans for our day. Devi started to fuss a bit which usually means it is time for breakfast. Obviously, we always talk with her, but her words are still very few, so it is mostly a one sided conversation with me doing all the talking. This morning it was definitely different. Our CONVERSATION went something like this...

Mama: Devi, do you want a waffle for breakfast?
Devi: pauses then shakes her head "NO"

M: Do you want a banana?
pauses then shakes her head "NO"

M: Do you want scrambled eggs?
D: pauses then shakes her head "NO"

M: Do you want toast with jelly?
pauses then shakes her head "NO"

M: Do you want cereal?
D: pauses then shakes her head "NO"

(Okay, by now I'm sort of freaking out...she seems to understand me. Thoughts are swirling in my mind,
who taught her to shake her head to indicate NO? How does she know all of these food items by name? We are really conversing. I can't believe it! My baby is growing up....)

M: Pat, do you think she really understands me or is she just saying NO to everything I say?

Pat: Test her.

M: Okay....Devi, do you want ice cream for breakfast?
D: Laughing out loud, her eye brows raise and a huge smile comes over her face before she lunges for me!

Obviously she is totally aware of what we are talking about. Wow! that is just clicked for her. I realize we were not talking about borrowing the car, or getting into a good college, but it was definitely an ah-ha moment for me. I guess we should be a little more aware of what we discuss in her presence ;)

In addition, I am proud to say I've mastered my first foreign language. The language of Baby! From the mouth of Devi, the words blanket, ball, bottle, bunny, book and what a sheep says are all pronounced "ba". The amazing part is that I can detect the tiniest change in her inflection and KNOW which word she is really trying to say. I guess I am not fluent in Baby yet, because I can only hear it and understand, not repeat it....yet!

Her favorite word to say is still "pup-pup" for our dog and it is always accompanied by a point with her pudgy index finger for emphasis. Actually, all animals and everything with four legs are currently a
pup-pup...including a chair, the end table :)

She also likes to joke with me and point to herself and say, "mama". I tell her, "No, I'm mama!" She then smiles and shakes her head NO and points to herself again. This game can go on for a long long time always with alot of giggles and smiles.

Today is a big day! Three weeks has past and Devi's cast comes off. Thank goodness. It smells awful!! We are going to celebrate with an extra long bath time in the real bath tub for the first time...not the kitchen sink! Baths have been cut short since the casts' application, in a somewhat failed attempt in keeping it dry. Normally bathtime is one of the high points of her day. We all can't wait!!

Needless to say, this
Valentines' Day finds me with a very very full heart. Devi continues to enrich our lives in so many ways I never thought possible. We are so blessed to be the parents that were chosen for her and she the child chosen for us. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, the "HAPPY" is an understatement and the "BE MINE" is confirmed every time she calls me "mama"!

Opening her first Valentine from Oma!

Tickle Time with daddy!

Reading "Brown Bear , Brown Bear".....again!!!

Daddy's magic touch!

Rocky-rocky with dolly from Grandpa!