Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Impulse Buy #2?

Britax never goes on sale..but they did! It must be a sign. We bought our first important purchase. A carseat! Because of the age upset, we are a little leary of something happening wrong, so it sits in the box in the closet with the receipt taped to the top :)

I also joined the Dillon forum to try and keep up with what is going on with the other people who are on the waiting list. It is a good and bad thing. It is fun to listen to other people's adoption stories, but it makes waiting kinda hard...there are so many families in front of us. I am determined not to get bummed, but use this site as a tool for gathering information for when it becomes our turn. The pictures of all the dear little ones just makes your heart ache wondering if our little one is born and waiting for us to find her? All in good time...

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