Friday, August 25, 2006

Baby Steps...Literally!

We just learned that we have moved up a few notches on the waiting list. I can't express the flood of emotions that come with this news. We are now at #5, and although we have a long way to go, Pat and I are feeling like we really might become a family. The excitment at times is overwhelming. We both are eager to start decorating your room and preparing for you, but are hesitant because we are aware of the long long wait ahead. We have calcutated and analyzed this "list" in every way possible searching for the best case and worst case scenarios, but it is totally out of our hands.

I have also become email pals with several other people adopting through Dillon. Everyone has advice and their own way of going about adjusting to the wait. Thats when this quote popped up from an Indian woman from one of the email lists I subscribe to. It goes like this...

Sunno sabki, karo apne manki

which literally means "Listen to everybody, do what your heart wants". Unfortunately, our hearts want us to come and get you right now!

By the way, you now have a baby the box with the reciept taped on top :)

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