Monday, March 26, 2007

And...she looks a little like Pat

All along we hoped for a healthy girl with a touch of my flair for style and a bit of Patrick's good looks. Here she is! A picture truly is worth a thousand words but we can sum it up in just two– "beautifully perfect". I would love you to meet...well, there is a problem. We haven't agreed on her full name yet. We are taking suggestions if you would care to share them. To us she is Baby D, in honor of my mom, Dianne, who I'm sure is helping to choreograph this blessed union from heaven.

Friday, March 23rd around 12 noon, I received a phone call from Tami Davidson, the director for the India program at Dillon International. The sweet words that echoed through the phone receiver were, "Would you like to hear about a baby girl referral that we think would be a good match for you and Patrick?" I replied, "You BET!" Tami started by telling me that she hasn't heard girl referrals that are this healthy in a long time. Wow! that statement alone started an adrenaline rush in me sending tingles to my hands and feet that lasted for hours. I'm sure I could have run a marathon in no time flat.

My first glimpse of our girl brought a flood of emotion that words can not describe. After years of envisioning blurry scenes of a faceless tiny brown skinned babe with dark wavy hair interacting with us, it was hard to comprehend this beautiful pudgy face with black piercing eyes and rosebud lips in it's proper spot. I don't know what I expected, but she clearly blew me away.

Naturally, I couldn't get through to Patrick and had to leave a message to have him call me back with the tremble in my voice a little obvious that something might be up. When he did I asked him what he thought of the word Bhargabi? When I told him this was the name of his new daughter the phone went silent and then exploded with whoop-whoops and screaming. (I think it went over well, don't you?)

Poor Patrick had to wait to until quitting time to catch his first look. As he tells the story, by the end of his work day his concentration was shot and he couldn't drive fast enough to see that picture. I will never forget the look on his face as he entered my office that day. I've never felt more loved by him than in that moment. His face was flushed, his eyes were teary and his signature toothy grin was spread wide from cheek to cheek. "Where is she?" he said. I handed him Bhargabi's picture and time stood still as he stared and stared, taking in every last detail of her cute little face. We both couldn't believe this was happening. Do we believe in love at first sight? Absolutely!

So far, we know that Bhargabi was born on November 15, 2006 and weighed 2kg (about 4.5 pounds) at birth. She was premature and showed signs of stiffness in her hips, but is improving with physiotherapy. She is pictured at 3+ months old and now, at 4 months, weighs about 4.3kg. She is described as being a happy baby who smiles easily and has a good appetite. :) She is well cared for by ayahs (nannies) at the Matri Sneha (Mother's Love) babies home in Kolkata, India and is waiting for us to be united forever.

An extra touch of sweetness was added to the day when we found out that another Dillon family I have been corresponding with (who were waiting at #1 on the list and who live in RI) also received a girl referral this day. Our children are one day apart in age and may be sharing cribs or living space. Friends, I hope. If all goes well, there is a chance that we may be traveling at the same time and could actually meet.

The next steps for us involve legal matters and we know that this part of the process can take between 4-8 months. After waiting 18 months to find out who our daughter would be, 4-8 sounds like a breeze. I'm sure that will not be the case. Once our feet find the ground again, we will be itching to travel to India and smother those cute pudgy cheeks with kisses. So, for now, another wait begins. If we've learned nothing else in this 2 year and 3 month process thus far; it is faith and patience! Because without it, one would go crazy.

For those of you who are new to our blog, it was started as a remembrance for Baby D, but also as a way to communicate and share with family and friends our adoption journey. We would love to hear your comments and thoughts via the blog, or privately at Please check back often as we will updating as we hear more news. Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes this far. Keep up that good work! All three of us are going to need it.

Because I will never tire of saying it: this is our daughter and...she looks a little like Pat!


Anonymous said...

Dear little Bhargabi,

We just saw your picture, and feel like we've met you for the very first time! I have a few tears to wipe away, I'm so happy to see you! Your 5-year-old cousin, Lina, smiled a huge smile and said excitedly, "I LIKE that baby!" God Bless you, sweet girl. You are half a world away right now, in a place we have never seen. Being cared for by people whom we do not know. And we pray that you will be kept safe and warm and happy until your mommy and daddy come to get you! Welcome to your new family! So much love awaits you. We are so lucky to have you. Love, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Tim, Ryan, and Lina.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bhargabi,

I like you being our cousin. I like you being with us. I hope you will give us some love in your heart. And, I love you, Bhargabi.

Lina Davis -- 5 years old.

Pam said...

I have been checking your blog frequently. I think that I was getting quite impatient to meet your little girl! What a beauty little Bhargabi is! I know when Jynger called us about Micah....the goosebumps went all over before I even picked up the phone, just by looking at the caller id! What a wonderful, exciting time for you and your husband. Many congratulations, and warmer hugs!
Micah's Momma

Nadra said...


I couldn't wait to get home this evening and check your blog. When I saw Karen had a referral of a little girl, I was so hoping that you had a referral as well. Woo, Hoo!!!

She's beautiful. I'm thrilled for you. I know you can't wait for the next few months to pass....but it will. You have lots to do to get ready. In this process there are many wonderful moments...but the two that were the best for us were when we saw our sons face for the first time and when they placed him in our arms for the first time. Those were moments that took our breath away. You and Patrick have had that first moment. I'm so, so happy for you.

Congratulations Mommy and Daddy!!!

Ian's Momma

Kristi said...

AHHHHHH!!!!! I'm SO HAPPY for you!!! Finally you have seen the face of your daughter! And, I might add, she is beautiful. So beautiful!!!!!!!!!! You made me cry when I read your post describing your referral moment. I can't wait to follow your process and see you finally holding your precious girl! I'm so thankful that you are past the horrendous wait for referral and on to the next stage of this process. I'm praying for speed with NOC, Legals, and passport. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!!!

Kristi (Daya's mama)

angie said...

Congratulations! I've been checking in on your blog for quite a while and was so excited to see the wonderful news! Your post brought tears to my eyes!

Congratulations again...she's just beautiful!

(Dillon family - Mia's mom)

Melissa said...

hello Julie, I will be taking some hopefully really cute pics of your new baby girl. we are leaving on Monday to get our baby Anela and picking her up on Wed. we will be taking pics after we get Anela, I will let baby Bhargabi know that mommy and daddy aren't far behind!you can follow our trip at Congrats!!!melissa k.

Melissa said...

Dear Julie, I saw Bhargabi today when we picked up Anela. She looks perfect. She is in a little crib right next to Mohana. She looks very healthy and is rolling around (from back to side) and chewing on a blanket, probably teething. She is little but not too tiny, and beautiful. I patted her and told her Mommy and Daddy couldn't wait to see her. The orphanage is very clean and all of the Ayahs are angels. There is a window in her room so she can see outside. All of the babies seemed clean and happy. We had quite a day today, I can't wait till you get to come get your little one! Melissa K.