Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NOC approved!

What a way to start out a week! I was surprised by an email from Tami, the India program director with Dillon, stating that we had received our NOC (no objection certificate). Essentially, a set of our paperwork was sent to CARA, in New Delhi, where they presented it to a committee for approval. Our case was approved!!! We were told this could take up to 4 months from the time that we received Devi's referral. Although we were secretly hoping to hear news of approval sooner than later...as the adoption process goes...we had all ready anticipated a much longer wait. It was a pleasant surprise clearing this hurdle so quickly.

As I type this, our NOC is being sent to Kolkata. When it arrives, our case will be submitted to the Kolkata courts for scrutinizing of the documents and a Guardianship hearing. We have been told this process takes 2 months or longer....emphasis on the LONGER.

I have mentioned many times about the struggles of other adoptive families at this stage. The progress of this adoption is now in the hands of the judge, who has a reputation for being a bit difficult. In the past, he has caused delay upon delay. We hope and pray he has all the kinks worked out of his system and we and the other families who are at this stage of the adoption process will sail right through. Patrick and I have all the confidence in the folks at Dillon, CARA, and the orphanage who are representing us.

We are learning the patience to survive the wait from a tiny girl who, at barely 13 pounds, has stolen our hearts. A short video of her arrived last week. Suffice to say, the tape is nearly worn through from repetitive viewing! Depressing the PLAY button for the first time brought a flood of happy tears to our eyes. I don't think either of us could focus through the river of saline to even make her out! Now, with each viewing we discover another detail about our Devi and her developing personality. She looks happy and very well cared for and seems to be progressing very well. We discovered on the tape that Devi loves giving those wet, open-mouthed baby kisses to anyone who gets close enough to receive one. I can't wait until it is my turn!


The Labontes said...

Love the mention of the open-mouth baby kisses. Just thinking of them makes me smile!

Karen said...

Julie & Patrick,
I love your post celebrating NOC! YEAAAAAHHHH! It's great to have this milestone to celebrate. I wish I could see the video of Devi giving her sloppy kisses. That's just THE BEST. You've got a real little sweetheart on your hands. Now, let's get her right into your arms ASAP!

Sandy & Butch said...

She is absolutely exquisite! Breathtaking! We are continuing to pray for a speedy resolution to all the official stuff that still needs to happen...so that you can get down to the official Mommy & Daddy stuff like slobbery baby kisses! It's a beautiful thing!
Love, Sandy

Kristi said...

Congratulations on your NOC! I read that the judge's term is up in August so hopefully they'll get a winner in there to replace him and hold to the 2 month time frame. :) I'm so happy that you got a good video of Devi! I will always be thankful to the ayahs for teaching our babies to give those wet sloppy kisses. Daya knew to give them also and it was the most amazing thing to get one from her. Can't wait until you are on the receiving end of Devi's kisses!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat & Jules!
Thanks for continuing to keep the blog updated. This continues to be an exciting journey that you're traveling and we just love the choice for Devi's name. Thanks for posting the pics as well. We love you guys!
Jeff, Georgann, Jordan, Jocelyn, Spencer & Micah