Thursday, July 19, 2007

Monsoon in Seattle

Dear Devi,
More and more often my thoughts are stolen away to images of you. Today as I was eating lunch I noticed that we are experiencing a day similar to what you must be having during your first Monsoon season. Through the folds of the angry gray sky are the rays of sunshine that somehow are finding their way to earth, proving that we are truly in the height of one of our warmer months. The day is leisurely passing the time going from sprinkle to shower and back to sun again. Although we rarely experience humidity, today steam, like the kind one sees leaving the rim of an open pot just before it boils, is rising from the warmed and wet asphalt and is swirled away by the breeze of passing traffic. This rare combination of intermixing warm and cool wind intensifies the scent of spices wafting from behind the counter where I am eating my vegie taco lunch. As I close my eyes, I am in the India I have been imagining this past 2 and a half years. You are on my hip, fascinated by my earrings or my hair and are swinging your chubby legs, babbling a thousand miles an hour about all things you just can't wait to tell us. Your dad bargains for the treasures we have chosen from a vendor at the local market place that is overwhelmed us with it's energy and colorful wares. The clatter of the restaurant and next sudden downpour brings me back to the present where I sit staring at the same page of my book....India: A travel Guide. I've read the same page about Jaipur, the pink city, several times now and must go back to work....with a smile on my face.

Thanks for sharing my lunch with me sweet DeeDee.
Love you so very much,


The Labontes said...

We're almost there Julie, almost there.


Pam said...

Julie that was a beautiful letter to your little DeeDee. She is just so precious.
Soon these days of waiting will be behind you and you will be holding her in your arms.
Hugs Pam

Anonymous said...

A beautiful and sweet letter for your little one. I pray DeeDee comes to your home soon...