Sunday, March 02, 2008

Doin' the Zoo!

Our first family outing to the Pt. Defiance Zoo

There is a catchy jingle on the radio right now..."The Sky's Not Blue Lets Go to the Zoo..." that caught my attention. Great idea!!! Lets go to the zoo, and as luck would have it, our sky's WERE blue for a brief period on Sunday.

It was a great chilly March afternoon, perfect for a stroll through the Asian forest, a romp through the Arctic Tundra and a slither around the Pacific Reef exhibits. Of course, to Devi, everything was a "pup-pup". She was corrected by several frustrated visiting children who were sure we were observing Asian elephants, but to her, Suki and Basil remained "pup-pups".

Suki and Basil...the pup-pups

A fish says bloop-bloop!

Devi loved the aquarium so much. As we made our way around the windows of the enormous tank she squealed "ooohs" and "bloop-bloops" as various fish swam in and out of view. The day was a huge success and so much fun. When we finally came upon the last exhibit of the day, we were able to agree that "Yes, these were, in fact, pup-pups". We were overheard by a precocious little guy who rolled his eyes, approached us and in an informative voice let us know we were observing wolves! :)

Devi proudly masters the stairs! Yikes!!

Taking her car for a Saturday morning spin around the kitchen island

Enjoying a few rays of sunshine in the driveway!

Beckham, eat your heart out!

Strolling with mommy at the park. Our first time walking on uneven terrain.

Feeding the ducks at the park with daddy.

We've been spending all of our dry time at the park lately. Devi is enjoying the monkey bars, swings and slide. She completes a rotation down the slide and immediately signs "more" to go again. This routine can go on for a long time...a good workout for both of us :)

Kissing ourself goodnight in the bathroom mirror.....nigh nigh!


The Labontes said...

You guys are having a blast! Love the kissy picture :)


Kristi said...

Devi is too cute! I'm so jealous your weather is good enough to go to the zoo and the park! :)


Sheri said...

Devi is adorable! She looks happy and is having so much fun! I want it to nice here, so we can go to the zoo and park!!


Peter and Nancy said...

Can we come visit?! We are desperate for warmer days. Looks like a good time was had by all. She is a doll, and such a smarty. :o)
-- Nancy and Anya Rashi