Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jr. Daffodil Parade

Daffodil princesses posing with our Indian princess!

In spite of the threat from a looming rain cloud, we ventured out today to attend the annual Jr. Daffodil Parade. This parade is the kid oriented festival that precedes the Grand Flora Parade that takes place next weekend and which marks the arrival of spring - celebrating the first of the yellow annuals to emerge from the earth, bursting with color.

Another parenting milestone realized, we couldn't wait to join Oma in finding the perfect curbside seat and sharing this annual event with OUR princess for the first time. We did manage to round up a few authentic daffodil princesses from area high schools to pose with our cherub. They were delighted to donate a smile to our cause and Devi was wowed by the sparkle of their tiaras.

Adorned in costumes and daffodils, children from various area organizations, preschools, scouting troops, marching bands and dance groups promenaded through the parade route tossing flowers and candies to us. Devi was mesmerized by it all as she pointed out pup-pups and balloons as they sauntered by.
A few of the highlights were the dinosaur on the 2 wheeler fighting the length of his tail, trying to avoid the spinning spokes of his back tire, a very balanced unicycle troupe and the choreographed baby jogger routine performed by the parents of one local preschool. Not to go unnoticed, was a boy about 5 years of age who suddenly got stage fright and clung to his poor mothers leg. She managed to finish the route, peg legged–pirate style–swinging him along with the momentum of her gate. I couldn't help but chuckle, unfortunately a little at their expense :)
Devi managed to shake the tops off each of the daffodils she received with jubilant enthusiasm! She bopped to the beat of the music and by all accounts, managed to enjoy the festivities immensely. The day was a huge success even with the sprinkle of rain that managed to remind of us that we are still in the first of week of our April Showers.
A successful first parade...don't you think?

With this first week of April came our first mommy and me swimming lesson. Devi's approach to new activities is always to observe from the side lines a bit first before jumping in to participate. Our first lesson was no different, but by the end of class she was blowing bubbles, kicking her feet, splashing, and she even went under water. Not certain of her response, it was an anxious moment as her tan skinned little face cleared the blur of the unsettled water revealing her white toothy signature grin. Having been a swim instructor for years in my younger days, I have to admit I left with a sense of pride and a bit of a puffed chest....that's my girl :)!!

Miss August on daddy's desk calendar...taken at 1 year old.

In her ever changing vocabulary, she now has added Uh-oh, No-no...with a finger wag, help accompanied by the sign for it, apple, rhino, up, and is constantly saying dah-doe. We have no idea if this is a thing, a command, or a term of endearment, but she says it often and with conviction. She will timidly attempt to say almost anything we ask her to try, and is gaining confidence with the words she has been saying for awhile, now saying 2-word phrases.

Her 16 month check up revealed her first real weight gain, tipping the scales just shy of 19 pounds and 30 inches tall. Although still under the 5% on the growth chart, Dr. Ayer seems to think she is doing great and marvels at the excellent care she must have received before we were united.

Favorite new past times are blowing raspberries on mommy and daddy's bellies, using building blocks, putting together wood puzzles, trying to put on her own clothes, climbing, running, and hanging upside down. As seen here, marching is still top of the list!


Amy and Clint said...

Sounds like so much fun! She is a doll and is growing by leaps and bounds ;).

Karen said...

Adorable!!! Devi is growing up so quickly. How fun that she has all these new tricks!
Love the tie-dye, Julie! ;)

xoxo from the whole Welser crew

The Labontes said...

What a fun-loving girl! LOve that smile.


Peter and Nancy said...

Daffodil parade -- how sweet! Things like that seem like they were invented just for your little Devi! I'm glad to see you enjoying so many things with her. :o)
-- Nancy

Anonymous said...

Tessa and I have just enjoyed the amazing insight to your world with Devi and her accomplishments here at the outer banks. This is our 4th week (and final-we leave on the 15th). It is such a joy to read up on her milestones, especially the one passing her July 21st day!!!! I miss you guys so much and ached when I saw you, her, and Cheyenne together in that picture and was filled with sadness and joy all at the same time. Take care and I love you guys. I will have to call and talk to Devi (and you) when I get back :)