Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pivotal Moments!!

Have raisins....will travel!!

We've been told that a pivotal moment in an adopted child's life is when they have lived with you longer than the amount of time they spent in a babies home or orphanage. For Devi, that milestone is at 10 months and 3 days, which falls on July 21st.

A true show stopper, her perky and playful personality has blossomed. Patrick and I find ourselves having to turn our crinkled faces and watery eyes away from Devi's view all the time for fear of ruining a moment by breaking into laughter at her expense. To her, strolling through a farmer's market or grocery is nothing short of a parade held in her honor, as she waves and says "Hi" to everyone we pass. If the passers by don't answer she assumes they didn't hear her so will repeat the greeting LOUDER. When out to dinner, she will offer "bites" of whatever she is having to not only Patrick and I, but anyone who happens to be sitting in the general vicinity. I guess what is so funny about that is how many people answer her back, "No thank you!" or better yet, "What are we having?"

Striking a pose has also become popular. If she is cranky and we ask where the happy girl went, we get the cheesy, toothy grin; if we introduce her to someone new, she swings her shoulder forward, tucks her chin down and gives a shy seductive glance from under those doe-like lashes. There is not a shy bone is this kid's body, so I am rather uncertain where she gets this stuff!

Most noticeable is her language skills and vocabulary. Devi has her "pleases", "thank yous" and "you're welcomes" down pat. She can count to ten, but seems to like saying the number five best with an occasional ten thrown in for good measure. Until yesterday, talking on the phone consisted of listening only, even though she has been quite aware of whom she was speaking with. When daddy called yesterday, something was different. The conversation floored me and went something like this...

daddy: Hi Devi.
DD: Hi daddy.
daddy: Were you a good girl today?
DD: uh-huh
daddy: How was your day?
DD: good
daddy: I love you, Devi.
DD: I love you, daddy.

I was blown away, and so was daddy. He came home beaming that he had had a phone call from one of his girls, as he likes to call us. Cayenne our dog, is also female so he is rather out numbered.

Tonight we had another first. Daddy was watching Devi while I prepared dinner. She took off for the open front door (actually our back door which is very confusing and not worth explaining here) anyway, he told her to stop and wait for him, which is the routine as there are a few stairs with no hand rail to help you maneuver. She stopped, turned and said, "Why?" I burst out laughing in the kitchen. If the questioning is starting at 20 months, this girl is going to have us totally worn down by the time the tough questions start.

Getting her groove on to Michael Bublé

Did someone say breakfast?

Devi hanging with Montana cousins Jordan and Olivia

Lovin' on Niece...Niece. Our friend Denise.

The last few shots were at Freedom Fair, our local 4th of July celebration. Devi didn't make it to the fireworks, but with all that puppy kissing, funny-faces and posing, she was exhausted. Maybe next year!

Devi meeting our friends from California, Chris and Roly, whom we met on a Windjammer barefoot cruise in the Grenadines. Put people on a small sailboat for a week and they become long life friends :) They introduced Devi to the world of Disney princesses...thanks guys!!
Heading to the Proctor farmer's market

The market is one of our favorite spot to listen to local talent and have a fresh scone with coffee on Saturday mornings...although, Devi prefers apple juice. We count down the days until the raspberries come into season. Yum.
Playing superhero with Devi. You guessed it. Her superhero quality...she flies!

Dizzy Twirling!

Patrick's girls!!

I love my papa!!


Jo said...

Julie, she's gotten SO big!! What a super-star she is these days!!

Given you're only two hours away, we seriously need to plan a get-together one day soon!!

I can't wait to meet your precious girl!!

Anonymous said...

That hair is too much!! I am jealous ;o)!! I have tried to braid Joe's hair...did not go over very well!!! Devi has grown up sooo much, WOW it is hard to believe!! Enjoy this thing you know she will be hopping on a bus to school YIKES!!!
Next thing on her to do list?? First horsey ride???

Jim, Michele and Joe

The Labontes said...

She's got everyone charmed! What a sweet little extrovert - and all that hair - wow. Love watching her grow. Congrats on the milestone. Home longer than baby's home. Good Deal.

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness--you have one more beautiful child!! She is a little ray of sunshine...LOVE the pictures. What a great phone call for her daddy!

It sounds like she is doing fabulous! She certainly is growing super fast!

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures! Great to hear that she is reaching those milestones so quickly - she sounds like she has a wonderful personality.

Peter and Nancy said...

Her face has changed so much in just one month . . . she is really starting to look like a little girl! I was laughing about the waving -- Anya Rashi does the same thing, and acts like she's the queen of wherever we are. It's a joy to see how well Devi is doing!
-- Nancy

Kristi said...

Love the pics and update! Devi is such a beauty and sounds like a hoot! Can't wait to meet you guys in a few weeks!!!! :)


Pam said...

Hey Julie!
Great update! Devi is a charmer that is for sure. I wonder if they give out parade lessons at ISRC? Seems that all of our children look for every excuse to be on display! HA! ;o) Too cute!

Shane,Gidget,and boys said...

Your daughter is so adorable,it is great to come in contact with another family who has been where we are INDIA and of course I am trying to be patient,LOL Gidget

Karen said...

Devi - what a charmer you are! You're turning into such a big girl. I can tell that you're almost TWO... you've left the baby stage behind for sure. I love the conversation on the phone with Daddy - that is just really darned cute. And you have some GREAT pictures there, Miss Beauty!

We miss you oodles and oodles!
Jenya's family

Sandy & Butch said...

I can't believe how much Devi has changed just since June 21st. Simply amazing! What a little ray of sunshine.
Love you,