Monday, September 08, 2008

Two Friends Meet

The Bengali girls meet!

Making good on my offer of a "Starbuck's coffee, if you're ever in my neighborhood", we had the wonderful opportunity to meet part of the Werre family who were visiting from Anchorage, Alaska a couple of weeks ago. Daya and Devi both spent the early months of their lives at Matri Sneha in India together. Although they were probably there at the same time, their age difference is just great enough that I doubt they had ever met before this Sunday morning, although no one would ever know it.

Over the past couple of years Kristi and I had been corresponding over email and blogs. Funny how you come to know someone simply through key strokes and somehow a friendship emerges. I believe this to be even more true when you are sharing the vast array of emotions that an adoption journey brings. I can't even begin to tell you how many consoling and congratulations messages have been sent back and forth, but I do recall devouring every word of Jason and Kristi's blog entries during their India trip while we still sat stateside waiting news of a referral. The thought of riding an elephant and having mendhi (henna drawings) drawn on my hands seemed so far away. Sharing in their adventure was so therapeutic.

Other than the Welser's, the family we traveled with, the Werre's are the only other Dillon family we have met. After exchanging hugs, both moms took one look at the girls, whom we've only seen in pictures, and couldn't believe how tiny they both are. And, true to form, we also commented that both of our girls were acting completely out of character ; Daya was quiet and reserved and Devi was screaming!

Daddy's girls.

The kids hit it off from the start and had a great time playing together. Conversation came easy for us adults too, with these darling children naturally monopolizing the conversation. It was so nice to put faces to names and watch the girls enjoy each others company so much. They held hands going down the slide, ran with ribbons, climbed monkey bars, played train and by the end of our visit, wore themselves out.

We were delighted to hear that the Werre's will be moving to Boise in the next year or so, making future visits a possibility. Instantly, I am planning camping trips in my head! It would be so nice to have them closer. We are also both in the throws of adding to our families from India again which was a huge topic of conversation and would make future reunions that much more fun.

The Werre's are such a nice family and our time spent together was very fun. We can't wait to do it again and this time meet their two boys and Shaili, their daughter on the way. Nearing nap time, we decided to call it a day, although as soon as we got into the car I had a million more questions to ask. Devi, on the other hand, barely made it out of sight before it was lights out for her. We all had a very fun day!!!

Pat, me, Devi, Jason, Daya and Kristi

The final farewell bear hug that ended up in a tackle on the ground :)


Kristi said...

Oh, you got way better pictures than I did!!! We had a great time too and I can't wait until we are in Boise and can hang out with you and your family more often! Camping trips here we come! :)

Nadra said...

Love the pics. Both girls are just adorable!!!

Amy said...

What beautiful little Indian princesses! So glad you all got to meet!

The Labontes said...

The girls look like old friends already! So glad you got to meet. Hope more of us will have face to face contact in the future.

Love the pic of all of you together!

Shane,Gidget,and boys said...

When two friends meet,great things always happen. Look like you all had a great memorable time.The girl's are just too cute.

Peter and Nancy said...

Jealous!! I'm so greedy -- it's only been a month since the Indianapolis "reunion," but I so wish we could've met up with you too!

Those girls are so gorgeous!


Cindy said...

Those girls look like they are the BEST of friends. I'm so glad to see them together. . a great time was had by all, I'm sure. Great pics. . we LOVE monkeybars at our house!!