Tuesday, November 18, 2008


In an effort to save time, Pat and I threw up a few crepe paper streamers and spots of colored helium balloons here and there the night before Devi's birthday party. Who knew it would have such an impact on our birthday girl when she awoke? After a restful night dreaming piggy dreams (dreams dependent on animal featured on jammies), Devi rubbed and rubbed her Mr. Sand Man filled eyes revealing a magical party scene that wasn't there when she drifted off the night before. "Oooo...Pretty! Balloon's everywhere!" she exclaimed. It was precious.

Devi's only request for the day was to sing, so surrounded by seventeen family members and a couple of friends, we managed to oblige her with four robust rounds of "If You're Happy and You Know It". I think we were pretty convincing because she was delighted and beamed from ear to ear. A pro at nearly 7 years of age, Devi's cousin Jake helped her open her presents...his style being a little more energetic than hers...they managed to get the job done. Party hats positioned atop our heads, we belted out the birthday song, another of Devi's favorites and she heaved a huge BLOW...something she has been practicing for weeks for this big day. When asked her age, she held up a crumpled jumble of fingers, pinky crossed over the ring finger somehow and announced "TWO!". Everyone stayed for pizza and we all played with tea sets, stuffed animals and veterinarian utensils. It was a great day. She was very polite with pleases and thank yous all in the right spots...so grown up!! *sniff, sniff*

Devi with Great Grandma

With cousins Melissa and Jake

I love her funny little squat!

Kissing the "Dress Me Monkey" doll from Mom and Dad


Showing off her new charm we added to her bracelet with our friend Kris

Listening to Uncle Bill's ticker with her stethoscope

In Other News....

Gingerbread men to the rescue!!
I baked and decorated 60 Elmo mini cupcakes (demented, I know) so that Devi could take some to daycare on Friday and some to Kindermusik on Saturday to share with her friends. I stored them in a tuperware container out in our garage thinking it would be nice and cool. Friday's Elmo's seemed fine and made their trek to daycare only to be eaten by small children in love with the red furry creature and with smiles on all their cute kid faces, promptly became hyped on sugar. Exactly the point, right? The next day, as I opened the tuperware container to tray the remaining Elmo's for Kindermusik, however, the shortening in the frosting had melted!! All those poor Elmo's were in various stages of losing their little faces off the edges on the soft cakes, oozing down the sides of the ridged baking papers and puddling on the bottom. Elmo botox gone bad!!! I still can't explain what happened, but we managed to swing by the grocery store and were bailed out by a box of gingerbread men, eager to help!!

Great Aunt Rose, now deceased, whom Devi gets one of her middle names from, embroidered this quilt in the 1950's or so. Aunt Rose's niece recently gifted it to Devi. The big box arrived with a sweet note explaining it's significance and is a true treasure to all of us. Devi is quite proud of it and will one day enjoy it on a big girl bed...although we are not giving up the crib until we absolutely have too :) CONTAINMENT!!

Barnum and Bailey Visit our Kitchen!!
Our kitchen became a three ring circus on Veteran's day. I took the day from work so that we could mix all of our Christmas cookies. We freezed the dough for easy baking when we return from Mexico at the end of the month. I had the great plan to put Devi in the hip sling so we both would have our arms free. The girl has a very large arm span, I soon learned :) We made one bodacious mess and had a grand time doing it. Minus a spatula, as it now as a 2 year old sized bite out of it, the mixing managed to get done and with a 21 pound child on my hip all day it was a great workout for me!! No guarantee on the cookies...absolutely no idea if they received their proper ingredients :)

Wearing daddy's soccer shin guards!! Daddy is secretly
hoping she is a soccer stud-ette


Amy said...

Love all the updates! The birthday cake and cucakes are adorable! Devi is SO pretty! Looks like you have all been having a good time - thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday Devi!

Fenwick Family said...

Love the adorable birthday pictures.The cake is so cute,did u make it? Looks like a happy birthday girl with a happy family.Gidget

Peter and Nancy said...

Happy Birthday from your cribmate Anya Rashi! The Elmo cupcakes are on our agenda for next month when our little dear turns two. :o) What a precious gift that quilt is!
-- Nancy

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

What a fun time you've been having!! Happy Birthday Miss Devi!!! Love the cupcakes!!


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday to Devi from your friends in Alaska!! :) Wish we could have celebrated with you!!!

ColleenC said...

Oh happy birthday to Devi! She looks so adorable- LOVE that purple dress- I think it's her color. And my son would flip for Elmo cupcakes- however Mama is not crafty so I highly doubt it! Looks like a happy 2nd birthday was celebrated by all.

Karen said...

What a great post, Julie! I love all the photos. And I looooove your beautiful flower cake...and the Elmo cupcakes...you are a wizard! Now how do you have the patience to make batch after batch of cookie dough with a mischevious toddler on the countertop??!? You never cease to amaze me.

I think Jenya and Devi look like sisters in a few of your photos! Don't you?

Love to the 3 of you -
The Welser crew

Eric and Cheryl said...

Julie- Devi is so beautiful. I love all the pictures and her birthday cake is sooooo cute. Did you make it? I am glad Devi had a great 2nd birthday, her precious smile says she did.


Pam said...

Julie! Love this post! Happy Birthday again to Miss Devi!! She is just a beautiful girl! I love the picture of the two of you with her on your back! Too cute!
You amaze me with all your baking and ELMO! Awesome!!!
You rock Momma!

Julie & Patrick said...

Because you've asked...Yes, I made the cake...not hard. Years ago I took "the Wilton Way" cake decorating classes. It has taken years for me to overcome the trauma and pick up a icing bag again. With age comes less of a need for perfection...now I decorate using the "Ross method" much less stress...more of a "natural...whoops dipped my finger" look :)


The Pfeiffer Family said...

You did an awesome job on the birthday cake and Elmo cupcakes!! Happy Birthday Devi. Looks like you had fun baking with Devi...my boys love to bake and be in the kitchen with me too. Devi is sure a cutie. Love to read all the updates.

April :-)

Sandy & Butch said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Devi Rose! Looks like you had a very fun party!

CindyO. said...

LOVE all of these pictures--Happy Birthday Devi!!

What a beautiful little girl...Elmo's botox line--had to love that--i work for a dermatology office--LOL

I love your post!!