Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shuffle, Shuffle, Arabesque, Neigh

So proud to be in real dance clothes!

Stating the obvious, Devi has started dance class! The one hour class is offered every Thursday at her preschool and so far the hardest task for both of us has been locating a leotard in XXXS. Although wild in her attempts to accomplish specific steps she is able to pronounce what they are called, but when dad and I try to mimic her, we are always doing it wrong. So far, dancing is not necessarily her forte, but her heart is definitely in the right place as we catch her quietly practicing from time to time and every movement is done with such gusto.

I believe this is an arabesque!

The face given when I tell her it is time to take off our dance clothes.

Busy and stressful seems to sum up the last few weeks for us. What gets us through these times are the thoughts of a toddler that is never at a loss for words

Mommy, when I grow up can
I wear glass slippers?

Mommy, when I have a baby sister can
I brush her teeth and tuck her in?

When I asked what she would like
to bring to school for
Show and Share
day, she replied, "You!"

Devi riding Snickers, the horse all by herself at the Farmer's market.

One of our last nice days I picked Devi up from preschool and we headed to the water park at the zoo. She had great fun trying to figure out that squirting water. I loved the mommy/daughter afternoon and trip out for pizza afterwards.

We took Oma with us to the annual Puyallup Fair in September. Devi talked about riding the carousel for weeks before we went. She was adamant that her horse would have pink on it. Such a brave soul, I was only allowed to stand beside her horse, but not touch it. I tried to get her to wave to daddy, but she told me she couldn't because she needed to hold the pole with two hands. That's my first! We did our usual....looked at the animals, pet sheep in the petting zoo, held a baby pig, ate a crusty pup and guessed the weight of this year largest squash....over 1000 pounds!

Daddy and Devi making crunchy pumpkin bars. Crunchy...because Devi got to crack the eggs. Tap, tap on the side of the bowl is no problem, but then when you have to put your fingers into the cracked area to open it, she just squishes them. She does know all the names of the ingredients and is great at helping to measure things. Aprons are a must when working in the kitchen, even for daddy.

Arriving home from a classmates birthday party.
Asleep, but still clutching her goody bag.


Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

It does sound like a busy few weeks!! Devi never seems to amaze me!! :) I hope you video her recital for us!! My boys took tap and irish step for a couple of years but it soon fizzled out.

Any news on the adoption front?

Our Family said...

So,so cute! Looks like u all have been having a great time lately.
Can't wait to see the little sister one day included too.:) Gidg
I wanna put Maiya in ballet if she wants too,I took it along with tapp and Jazz when I was little:)

Peter and Nancy said...

So many new, fun things to do as she grows a little bit older! How can you possibly resist the pouty, sad lip?? She is adorable in her dance gear.

We have a lot of cooking "help" at our house these days -- but no eggshells because Aaron is allergic to eggs. :o)

jasonliberty said...

I love hearing Devi's stories! She always puts a smile on my face. In twenty years when you look back I think you'll agree that the "crunchy" in crunchy pumpkin bars was the best part :-)


ColleenC said...

Aww, life there looks FUN!!! Love her dance outfit (and glad you finally located the super teeny size!!)