Saturday, May 01, 2010

Learning Patience

Secrets kept at three years of age are measured in nano seconds. Next to bursting, her bright eyes gave her away when I arrived home from aerobics last night just in time for tuck in. Footy pajama clad, perched on daddy’s lap, the two of them were in a heavily whispered discussion when I arrived home to the freshly baked smell of mischief.

Experiencing the best part of my day — lifting her full weight into my arms and breathing in the clean baby smells, reminiscent of her recent bath, she could barely contain herself. Pulling that sleepy thumb plug from her mouth she grabbed my checks with her hands. When we were eye to eye she excitedly chirped out a whisper, “Daddy and I made you a birthday cake” Raising an index finger to her lips she exhaled, “Shhhhhh, it’s a secret! Do you want to see it?”

Daddy chimed in, “ is a secret. That means we don’t tell until tomorrow, sweetie!”

Acknowledging that secret things are always said in a whisper she continued, “It is a princess cake and I scraped the bowl and even got to eat some frosting. It is purple. It was yummy....”

That moment was the best gift this mom could have ever received. With that said, however, I am secretly hoping for one more wish to come true for my birthday or at least soon, although I know the chances of it materializing are slim to none.

With the earth in Iceland settling, our dossier finally was tracked to Pune and Lisa, our representative actually saw Sonalika at SOFOSH on the 26th. Yay. It makes me smile to know that this little girl received extra smooches and loves from an extension of our arms. In return we heard through email that she is progressing well and is beautiful.

With this bit of good news comes so many questions, thoughts and concerns that I wish I could have answered today....maybe receive one little picture for my birthday? But until Lisa returns in the middle of May, recovers from jet lag, and finds her desk, all we have are our three wrinkled photos and that one positive statement to contain us. Somehow at this moment, I feel so much like Devi’s near bursting body. No doubt, patience, is required when keeping secrets and pursuing an adoption and it just doesn’t get any easier the second time around.

Planting our starts for Devi's garden

Our first bare feet in the grass day of the season.
At one point, as Devi was running around the yard
she pretended to grab Treya's hand and
said this is how we will run together.

Resting in the sun with daddy.


Peter and Nancy said...

Oh, how I wish there were something that could speed up the day when you will board the plane to bring home Treya . . . It is so sweet and poignant to see your own feelings mirrored in Devi's birthday anticipation!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Your birthday cake looks so yummy. I love the color choice. Purple is my favorite color.

I am happy you received a good report on your precious Treya and that she got some extra love and hugs. Hopefully the new pictures will come soon. You are correct that this adoption process takes a lot of patience.

Hang in there,
April :-)

Fantastic Family of 5 said...

That cake is so cute and so is the picture of you two together! Love the daddy daughter sunbathing picture,how priceless! Patience is something that we definate learn and it is not eay when your waiting on your sweet child! So glad that you recieved a good report,and hoping you have new pictures soon,hoping we get passport by this wed.,cause we plan on leaving...hopefully May 12.
Take Care, Gidget:)

Emily said...

What a beautiful celebration for you, and the gift of your child in your arms. I am smiling as I read this entry, feeling Spring come into your lives in so many ways...News of Treya, green grass, purple cake, naps in the sun. How symbolic to be planting little seedlings, waiting patiently for growth! So happy to hear about your birthday, and I loved the Happy Birthday Hon! cake. What a hoot!