Friday, June 11, 2010

Provisional Approval Granted!!

Yes, as of Monday, June 7th, the next step in the process can be checked off the list!!!! What is a provisional approval on an I-800 someone might ask?

Well, it is a NEW step for us since the Hague treaty was instituted, after Devi's adoption.

Once we received the referral of our sugar plum, Sonalika, we applied to the USCIS for provisional approval to adopt that particular child. USCIS made a provisional determination, based on the information available to them, about whether she was eligible under U.S. law to be adopted and enter the United States. We are thrilled to say that this approval means she is! Yippee!!!!

Now this approval and another set of forms go to the US Embassy in Delhi and we await our Article 5 letter.


The Pfeiffer Family said...

GREAT news! So happy to hear that you can check off another step on the list! When the USCIS is involved it is always a relief to get those approvals :-) Sonalika, is such a cutie pie. Can't wait to hear that Article 5 has come through.

April :-)

Fenwick Five said...

YAY!!! One down and Article 5 usually is really quick!! :) I loved passing every step closer to Maiya:) Gidget

Emily said...

Hooray for progress! Thoroughly enjoy checking that step off your list :) Emily

Sandy & Butch said...

great news! Yay!

Karen said...

Hooray! Great news. One step closer to having that little darlin' in your arms!
:) Karen

jasonliberty said...

One more step down! YAY!! She is just beautiful Julie, I can't wait to see her with her forever family.