Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Summer in Review

With our dwindling daily newspaper, once again full with back to school circulars, it has dawned on me that summer has come and gone. With that, I offer our summer in review (the events not previously blogged about anyway)...

Sound to Narrows - June 12

This was Devi's third and final time as a diaper dash contestant. Next year she'll train for the big 1k. She held her own once again placing...well, that is hard to determine. Once the gun sounds, the kids run, the parents jockey for position with cameras on the opposing side and mayhem ensues.

First s'more ever - mid June

Pool time fun, including holding a baby slug for the first time - mid June

Games with Papa and Gail - mid June

My dad and his friend Gail, are snowbirds who arrived in June for the summer. We kicked it off right with a pizza and game night. Hi-Ho-Cherrio!

Taste of Tacoma - June 27

Nothing like Indian food on a paperplate while listening to local talent....Devi opted for a corn dog. Topping it all off a skewer of shish-ka-berries! Yum, my favorite.

This creation came to life at the Home Depot booth that day. A treasured tile gift.

World Cup

World Cup found us waking at all hours of the morning and night to watch the top teams battle it out. Devi and daddy loved to watch together and chant "Go U-S-A!" There was lots of flag waving. Many a game took place during Devi's nap time, where we would chant in whispers. Daddy had to occasionally step outside to yell out "GOAL" because he just couldn't hold it in.

Old Friends and Neighbors visited from Ohio!

Devi moves up to Room 3 at preschool - July 1st

Freedom Fair - July 4th

We walked to the Freedom Fair for the Fourth and met up with all kinds of friends. We listened to music, and played games, slid down the slides, chatted with pirates and ate yummy treats. Later, everyone was up to our house for warm blankets and the fireworks show.

Blues Festival - July 11th

The Blues festival was our only real HOT weekend of the summer. Devi remembered it with her first face painting EVER! She was thrilled. The music was great, weather wonderful and our hummus picnic lunch on the grass was perfect.

Art on the Ave - July 18th

In addition to great local artists selling their masterpieces, there was this dunk tank that had Devi mesmerized. Her aim being a bit off, daddy helped her reach her goal. SPLASH!!

Frisco Freeze turns 60 - mid July

Nothing like dollar burgers and shakes! I'm certain it is the 60 years of grease that makes these burgers taste so delicious. That and the fact that they are served in wax paper bags! Only way to eat them is in the back of the van....LOVE a picnic in the van!

Gig Harbor Farmer's Market - July

Appeased with a fresh nectarine. A small consolation for no pony rides this year. Bummer.

Don's Ruston Market - July 24th

Fresh strawberry malt from Don's, our town's old fashioned malt shop. This was Devi's choice for a reward for good sleeping habits.

Ethnic Fest - July 25th

This is my favorite festival of the year by far. So much dancing and good live music. Toss in some ethnic food (Gateway to India) and I'm in heaven. Apparently, so was Devi this year. She developed a little crush on the reggae singer Alex....as she chanted his name, rushed the stage and got a high-five from the performer. Egads!

Olympia's Farmer's Market - early August

Devi's second face painting ever. An old pro now...

decisions, decisions....shopping at our favorite tie-dye store!

Listening to a little blues and feeding daddy garbage cake...all the left over batters from the bakery mixed together and baked to perfection!

All the cousins visit for VBS - early August

Devi was in heaven with four cousins to play with...2 visiting from California and 2 visiting from Colorado AND all at Oma's house. A full week of picnics, a Mexican fiesta, sprinklers, bracelet making, picking raspberries, perfecting the paper airplane, hide and seek, "helping" Oma cook, red light green light and the ever famous DOG PILE were enjoyed.

Aunt Bonnie's 80th birthday - August 7

Devi's first opportunity to meet Aunt Bonnie, my mother's sister. A huge family reunion in the pouring rain marked the special occasion. Devi was drenched, but had a ball playing with siblings of our ever growing extended family.

Phew! Guess we were pretty busy in spite of the uncooperative weather. Today, it rained...not the summer kind. It was the kind of rain that yanks the not-yet-ready leaves from the trees for the blustery wind to play with. As I sit snuggly in my first sweat shirt wearing of the season, it is evident that fall is definitely on it's way.


Peter and Nancy said...

It's so neat to see Devi's more grown-up face appearing -- it's getting easier to guess what she will look like as a teenager or young lady! So much fun is happening at your house . . . and the long sleeves wardrobe for summer is something we had for all of June too. :o) Can't wait to see Treya in next year's summer pictures!

Sandy & Butch said...

I was sorry to miss Aunt Bonnie's birthday celebration. Sounded like it was a lot of fun. And it looks like you have a lot more sun than we did this summer. Oh my!
Hugs, Sandy

Emily said...

What a festival filled Summer you had! I like the way your family explores and has adventures. Devi is getting so big! I second Nancy's feeling, it will be great to see Treya enjoying the Summer fun next year :)


Fenwick Family of 5 said...

Likin these summer fun pictures,...the one where you are holding her in the air is my absolute favorite!!COME ON NOC for Treya!! She 's got a great big sis waiting for her!!:) Gidget

Rhonda Owens said...

We made the summer in review! Sweet! :) You inspired me with your wonderful, hard bound family scrapbooks. I'm almost finished with a book on our trip there to Washington. :)