Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Sister In Training

Transformation complete, Devi became a momma the second that baby Harrison entered our home. We were babysitting the 12 month old tike for a few hours last Saturday which was the first time that we have cared for a child younger than Devi. It was fun to watch the two of them together as she introduced him to her toys stored away long ago in anticipation of a sibling, as she herself, rediscovered them like it was for the first time.

Her voice took on a higher pitch and her mannerisms became so intentional. Okay, so she became a bit of a mini me - minus her “here puppy” styled thigh slap when coaxing Harrison to follow her. She IS new at this, so I’m sure she’ll figure that part out. Throughout the morning Devi would announce what was safe and what was a danger, all while tending to every one of Harrison’s whims.

Seizing the opportunity, Pat and I turned the morning into a big sister training session, which delighted Devi beyond belief. With every behavior Harrison displayed, we’d talk about how it might be the same or different with Treya, because she is nearly a year older. My hope and fear is that Devi would understand what having a younger sister might be like, but not expecting a young infant when she arrives. In the end, her non-stop chatter was so cute. “Mom, I think he's hungry. (pause) Mom, I think he's is tired. (pause) Mommy, I think he needs his diaper changed.” Surely, with a baby, there must be something to FIX every second of the day. A good mommy never just lets them be! Thankfully, Harrison is so good natured, he took all of her doting in stride, smiling, giggling, dancing through the day.

Breakfast was a riot as Devi sat on my lap (a chair beside me was simply not close enough) while I faced Harrison’s highchair to feed him. Together we managed to serve him a yummy oatmeal mush meal. Devi asked if she could try. So after careful instruction, I let her take the spoon. Her heart soared when to her surprise, his baby robin-like mouth popped open every time she approached it with the spoon. A couple of mouthfuls later, I retrieved the spoon, but was surprised when Harrison swatted my hand away preferring Devi serving him over me! They had a grand time mimicking each others Mmmmmms. She appears to be a natural.

To Pat and my surprise, the two kids even napped at the same time, awoke at the same time and ate good lunches together using each other for comic relief. Could this happen in real life when Treya arrives? I know better than to get my hopes up. Devi passed her training with flying colors, begging me to have Harrison come again sometime. It was a grand day pretending to be a family of four. Trying it on for size, it felt really really good.


Emily said...

This post makes me smile for your family. I remember being a girl of 4, longing to be a mommy. Your Devi has a wonderful teacher showing her the ropes. She really is a natural! All that love, intention, and sisterly love, is being held so carefully, waiting and waiting to be poured on Treya. I can hardly contain my excitement to see it come to fruition! Emily

Julie & Patrick said...

testing....have had complaints that comment section is not working

Anonymous said...

JUlie:Again I love your posts! I think Devi is going to make a wonderful big sister because she has had such a wonderful role model in her mom and dad.She is beautiful inside and out.

Cindy said...

Awwwww!! How sweet...You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast the two girls bond...Emy & Luke bonded instantly....He adores her and well, she can love him and does MOST of the the picture of her feeding him. She is precious!