Monday, December 20, 2010

Girl On A Mission

Leaping into my arms at preschool pick up last Thursday, Devi asked “Mommma, can we go see Santa?” There was a hint of panic in her voice so I knew something had to have happened to spur on this sudden need. Up until this time we had planned to go see Santa, but the date had not yet been set. Devi couldn’t decide what she wanted to ask Santa for and kept proclaiming that she wanted to keep it a secret. For the better part of the past two weeks Pat and I had been trying to guide and direct her toward a suitable request of the jolly old elf, realizing that to surprise Santa at the 11th hour would make him considerably less jolly and more heavily white whiskered.

Honestly, there was not one item that she could think of that she really really would love to have. When asked while driving, she said a skateboard, because that is what she saw out the window of the car, or a motorized scooter. At one point she was set on princess ice skates, but we live no where near an ice arena or in a geographical location conducive to ice.

So why the sudden need to have a chat with Santa? Apparently, a girl at preschool told Devi that Santa would not stop at our house and that there would be no present for her. The school yard bully. She has a hold on Devi’s emotions that is unstaggering at times. Naturally, I capitalized on the opportunity to not only ease the mind of my believing child, but also to narrow down her scope of gift possibilities. With her decision made, off we all went that night to seal the deal on the lap of the big man himself.

With the furrowed brow of concentration she studied the procedure of the family in front of us as they had their conference with Santa. She is one of those people who likes to be prepared in tense situations. Then, as they excited with candy cane in hand, she, feeling confident, readied herself. Adjusting her posture to full height with her chin up, she smoothed her dress, brought the heals of her black leather mary janes together and steadied her hands, one with her letter of wishes, the other clutching a baggie of cookies. Pat and I whispering an over the top, "Oh brother", stood back and watched as our little princess politely walked up to Santa and offered him first a hug, then the cookies. Hypnotised by his presence and with eyes big as dinner plates captivated by his, she appropriately nodded yes and no to his various questions. Then she gently turned as he pulled her up into his leg and she, ever so tenderly folded her hands and laid them politely in her lap. I could tell she so nervous, but was trying hard to seem confident and sure.

Together they read her letter requesting a horsey flashlight that neighs when the light comes on and new socks. She also threw in a pop-up book for extra good behavior. Santa stole a glance from me and winked leading me to believe that all her wishes might be coming true this year. Santa told her she had a strong position on the nice list as he, with large white gloved hands, unwrapped her prize peppermint sucker. This sucker, the ultimate symbol of her successful mission -assuring that Santa would in fact, be coming down our chimney this year.


Peter and Nancy said...

What fun! I just popped over to your blog to see Treya's smiling photo again, and I get the bonus Santa post! :o) What a sweetie, and so brave too.

Anya Rashi's dearest wish is to have a princes fishing game -- you fish for jewels that rotate on the game board. Unbelievable -- she saw it at our pharmacy 2 months ago and has not forgotten it! Last week, as I noticed the trend, Daddy and big brothers went out to find it. She will be just ecstatic!

Merry Christmas as you dream of your sugarplum!

Anonymous said...

Julie:I loved reading each and everyone of your posts.Your Devi is a delight and I look forward to reading about her first glimps of he little sister.If I was that Santa she would have been my favorite visitor. Hope that perschool bully got some real coal in her stocking (o:

Candice said...

She looks so grown up! Such a little lady sitting on Santa's lap! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with Devi. Maybe next year you will have little Treya with you too!