Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another One Under Our Belt

The Ross Family - first family vacation 2011

A Thanksgiving trip to Mexico, that is. Our first family trip as a family of four, plus a dozen or so other close friends and family members! We did it. Sigh. I am happy to report that both girls are excellent travelers. Airports and planes don't phase them in the slightest. This comes as a huge relief, as Treya sort of freaked out a bit when she saw the suitcases come up from the basement in preparation. Because Treya still has limited language, much of our time is spent trying to decipher what she is trying to convey. Through evaluation, we discovered this time that she was concerned that we were going away and leaving her. A perfectly reasonable deduction when you consider there was a mommy suitcase, a daddy suitcase and a Devi suitcase. Hold everything! Off we went to Target to get a Treya suitcase (which matches Devi’s, of course) which made Treya’s world round again. Phew!

Treya HATES the beach!

Devi LOVES the beach!

Both girls love the pool and swimming!

Palace Resorts welcomed us with open arms for our 6th annual Mexico trip. With a group of 18, they did a good job of trying to accommodate our request to sit together or at least close to each other at meals. Although the weather was overcast and windy, it was still warm and there is just something rejuvenating about the warmth of the sun. Perfect timing to refuel before the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, I caught a cold which I brought with me and which decided to enjoy the whole trip with me too. There is something completely wrong about wearing a bikini and carrying a kleenex, but I tried to not have it slow us down much. I did learn, however, that cold medicine and an adult beverage do not mix.

Dionna, Shawn & Kasey - friends from the YMCA

Papa and Gail

Roly & Chris - friends we met on a barefoot cruise years ago.

Uncle David & Aunt Obie

Kasey, Dev and Cousin Jordan hanging out.

Treya keeps her feet off the sand with the help of cousin Olivia

Devi was completely in her element. What a difference a year makes. Old enough to play with cousins and friends somewhat unsupervised, it was fun to watch as they disappeared into their imaginations. Mermaid island was born and the girls lived so many adventures as baby mermaids, or caring for their make believe dolphin and seal friends. Sand castles and tide pools became the kitchen for their wild life friends - cooking up all kinds of seaweed concoctions. Chasing birds, making footprints in the sand and discovering that she finally likes the spicy bubbles of a Shirley Temple and could order a Strawberry Daiquiri (with no adult part) all by herself were the highlights for Dev. Such the life, mom and dad even allow Froot Loops while on vacation - a morning ritual for both girls.

Such the polar opposite of Dev sometimes, Treya hates the sand, the ocean, seaweed, anything that sticks to her and anything that has to do with the beach, but she loves the pool and applying sunscreen to anyone who would hold still long enough to apply it. Though shivering most of the time she was wet, she never tired of the slide and other fun pool attractions in the kiddy pool and tried to keep up with the older girls. Treya is a salsa girl, and even with tears streaming down her face from the spice, would continue to spoon it in, facilitated by a bip (chip). This trip was an introduction to so many firsts for her including extended family and friends. Naturally, she glommed onto the men as her true charm continues to develop. Treya slept in the jacuzzi tub, the only space large enough to accommodate her corrective shoes and wallowed in her royal crib until experiencing a real bed at nap time. Looks like the new year may be bringing new sleeping arrangements at our house too.

Ladies spa day

Mens golf day.

The adults each enjoyed a day of indulgence. For me, it was a day at the spa with the other traveling ladies. Nothing says pampering like a fluffy robe, sipping rejuvenating teas and receiving a wonderful aromatherapy massage. Pat joined the other boys for a round of golf on an awarding winning Jack Nicklaus course, complete with moving hazards in the form of crocodiles! A huge golfing fan, I could see the glow of satisfaction on his face at the end of the day. Pat and I also enjoyed a romantic lobster dinner for two one night, thanks to the babysitting services of the other very capable 9 adults, plus Oma being instrumental in ensuring our grown up time while away. Minus my near need of the Heimlich, it was a wonderful meal spent hearing the crashing of waves and staring into the eyes of my loved one chatting....about the girls :)

Olivia, Jordan & Dev show how vacationing is done

All Rosses! Olivia, Oma, Aunt Shannon, Me, Uncle George
Devi, Treya and Jordan

Best buddies!

The lengths that Treya will go to so she does not have to touch the sand

As always it seems our plane just lands and it is time to go. We did have a chance to catch up with old friends, and reconnect with family that we had not seen in a long time. All in all, a true week of thankfulness as we begin to dream of next years trip only 12 short months away. For me that dream includes thoughts of sunshine, real creamery ice cream, the best darned guacamole I’ve ever had, and watching our girls grow up before our very eyes.


Anonymous said...

Another awesome post, thanks Julie! You're right, these adventures are made easier if your little ones are good travelers....but whew is it still a lot of work!! Great job Mom and Dad, you guys are aces. Hoping to join you guys in Mexico one of these years too.... (o:

Lindley & Phill

Peter and Nancy said...

Papa and Gail are my heroes . . . hope I'm as game as they are when I'm north of 65! We also have a girl who loves her spicy food even when there are tears. :o) What a fantastic time you had . . . and Treya seems to have done so very well for her first vacation! I love the jumping Rosses photo . . . Christmas card photo, perhaps??

Karen said...

Aha! I've been waiting for this post. Fantastic! What a wild adventure. Love all the pics. Note to Self: Never Stand Next To Julie In A Swimsuit Photo. Yowza.

*Pssssst, Treya, I'm not a sand gal either. It's all MESSY. Also not a fan of finger-painting or stain-y popsicles. You?

:) Karen

Fenwick 5 said...

Wow what a great time you all had!! Love the pics,especially the best buddies one!! How great that both girls did great!! Funny that Treya does not like the sand!! Take Care Gidget:)
Stay tuned for Maiya and her Mika!!LOL

The Pfeiffer Family said...

What a wonderful vacation as a family of 4! So happy both girls are such good travelers. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love the one of you all jumping. It is fun to read how different your girls are and yet are best friends :-) Making memories is what it is all about.

April :-)

The Pfeiffer Family said...

What a wonderful vacation as a family of 4! So happy both girls are such good travelers. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I love the one of you all jumping. It is fun to read how different your girls are and yet are best friends :-) Making memories is what it is all about.

April :-)

Eric and Cheryl said...

Julie- This post made me cry! I am so glad you had a good time...the whole trip looks delightful. I think I need a copy of your jumping family photo. ;)