Thursday, February 16, 2012


First Braids

No doubt, love is still in the air as reminders of the recent Valentine holiday are everywhere in our house. But the love that I am feeling today is combined with an almost equal part of disbelief. Today marks the second anniversary of first laying eyes on a photo of our Treya and being shocked into the reality that our dream of a second child was coming true. Can it be only two years? Honestly, it seems like she has been with us forever. It is almost as if I need to consult a calendar to see that these facts are true. Reviewing the blog, I am astonished at the physical changes in her and the leaps and bounds she has accomplished in that time as well.

Our first glimpse

Most days I am consumed with thoughts like where does one buy a twin mattress set; when does one enroll their child for kindergarten; what can I make for dinner that will use up that half of an avocado before it turns brown or I must get to the grocery store before this really great coupon expires. Beyond that are the tasks of trying to return phone calls and emails, and accommodating my husbands crazy work schedule into our days that have extra curricular activities for the girls. Lastly, I can’t forget the never ending piles of laundry or trying to remember when the girls last took a bath. Sound familiar?

Amidst all that stuff I sometimes find myself pausing, stepping outside of my own driven body, (usually while observing the kids and Pat laying all over each other laughing over something ridiculous) to stare at my beautiful children. To say we beat the odds, scaled a hurdle or two, or simply willed this to happen are all true statements. At the end of that adoption battle a family was made and though we may be different in our appearance, we are united at our cores. With Treya in particular, I am awestruck by the series of events that occurred, allowing our paths to cross, eventually leading us to be matched forever. It is like looking at her through a strangers’ eyes seeing the most precious of children, and then realizing that I am her momma forever. That is the grace of God at work.

Showing off her bollywood moves

We are blessed everyday by the presence of our Pune princess; the jelly bean; our baby girl. Now if she were to hear me say this she would sternly correct me. “Momma, I NO baby - I Taya!” A feisty one, indeed. This little bull dozer has a strong opinion about everything, and is a kind hearted nurturing soul with a drive to conquer all obstacles.

Lately, she has decided that she is a big girl who can dress herself. Changing into her pajamas all by herself has become part of her night time routine. Long before the bedtime hour, she will ask, “jahmah tine?” in anticipation of accomplishing this task. When we finally head upstairs to disrobe, she will tell me, “close eye, momma” indicating that I will soon be astonished by the change in her appearance once the job is complete - a surprise! With one eye open I spy on her, watching as she collects a pull-up and selects the perfect outfit for the night. Most nights, in lightning speed I hear, “ta-duh” followed by her proud giggle as she strikes a pose and waits for my approval.

Our determined girl

Then there are the nights she chooses the princess pjs that button up the front. It is then that I witness a determination like no other. With her tiny half formed fingers, she becomes transfixed on nudging that button through it’s eyelet. It may slip through her fingers over and over as she loses her grip, but Treya never gives up focus on the task at hand, eyes glued on willing her fingers to grasp, push and maneuver, that tiny plastic button into place. At times it may take her more than ten minutes to manage one hole, jerking away if you so much as attempt to assist. Agonizing to watch sometimes, I find myself swearing under my breath for that damn button to just go through, allowing for my reward for her success of unwavering perseverance. “I do it, I do it!” she yells with her chin raised towards the sky displaying her signature bright smile.

Now that I think about it, Treya does everything with her own style and grace. When coloring, for instance, she covers the whole page with color, no paper is left showing through. Black is one of her favorite colors, I think because it is strong in it’s intensity, just like the jelly bean herself. When it is time to do anything, she always holds up two stubby fingers declaring “two mo minutes!” making every task’s completion arrive in her own good time. Driven by routine, nothing can bring a secret smile to my lips quicker, than watching her little pony tailed head bob along, staccato style, anticipating what may be coming next - running to the coats, running to get napkins, running to get the scissors. Yes, scissors! She is so driven by the order of things, that she will attempt things that are not safe or allowed, just to be right.

Silliness iluminates through her soul most of the time, with her quick wit and ease with which she laughs. She loves to call me a koo-ah-mer (cucumber) and will fall on the floor, weak in the knees with a serious case of the giggles over this proclamation every time. Singing nonsense songs, searching for her bee-bo (belly button), or making faces in the mirror never get old, for this child who even keeps Devi in stitches

Deep in thought, her often distant stare leaves me wondering at times what goes on in that busy mind of hers. As of late, she has begun to stutter “um, umum, um”s in an effort to search for the words to describe her amazing thoughts during our daily ritual conversation about the best part or least favorite parts of our day. No doubt, there is a fair amount of nervous urgency too, in trying to get out a thought before Devi finishes it for her. And if I have not mentioned it, the girl LOVES to sing, albeit with correct melodies but complete gibberish for lyrics, to a layman’s ears, Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, the ABC’s and Rainbow song being her favorites.

Not a cuddle bug, Treya climbs into one’s lap only on her terms, which thankfully to this momma is happening more and more often. With full chubby cheeks and rosebud lips like hers, they are hard to resist, but she will turn away to avoid a kiss and even will whip them off if you lay one on her anyway. You know; however, that when she is doling them out she really means it and will often linger and look lovingly into your eyes for emphasis. Melt!

Yes, disbelief describes my feelings completely. I fell in love the moment I saw her picture, but had no idea that behind that flat piece of paper, I would meet and share the joys of parenting this amazing child. She is complex, dear, frustrating and bright, with all the makings of a budding successful woman inside. Out sweet Trey we love you so much!


Jennifer said...

Wow! I am amazed at how much she has grown. And look at all that beautiful hair! You definitely have two gorgeous girls. Congrats on 2 years. I too can't believe it was "only" 2 years ago.

Peter and Nancy said...

It's so amazing to remember those first thoughts about a photo -- and now have it fleshed out with a real person, a real personality! I love her fierce determination to accomplish the mission . . . that will serve her well in life (and give her parents a few gray hairs along the way, I'm sure). :o)

Leveta said...

She is SO precious and the change from the 1st picture to the newest one is amazing. Her hair is gorgeous and I love reading about her determination.God gives us such perfect gifts like the beautiful family he is built with yours.

Karen said...

Oh Julie, gosh darn it, you've said it all perfectly again. What a lovely capturing of your tough-girl-sweetie-pie. Seeing her nestled so perfectly in her new family is just a joy!

:) Karen

Miche said...

I love the photo of her dancing; that is way too cute! Thank you again for the emails of info and encouragement-we have started the paper chase with Holt International, so we will see where this journey takes us :)