Friday, March 23, 2012

The Things I Never Thought

I never thought that viewing a tiny picture of you could change my life in such monumental ways. That day I considered another young mother’s life changing choices for the very first time. Through her, I have you. Because of you, daddy and I added a new demension to our relationship. Because of you, I no longer have a casual acquaintance with my ethics. Because you test everything I believe in, I’ve had to find firm conviction in my feelings and my sense of right. Because of you, I’ve had to discipline and enforce consequenses that I do not always like, but because raising you is my responsibility, I follow through. Through your eyes, I’ve rediscovered the wonder of the world, where everything is new and deserves explanation – nothing is taken for granted. My laughter as well as my frustration come far more easily because of you and my creativity is once again at the forefront of my daily experience. The sound of your voice saying the word Mudder, or Momma resinates in my soul and your expression of affection, given freely, is the most precious gift I receive every single day. All of these things I never thought would become part of my daily existence were set in motion, the day I first laid on eyes on you five years ago today. I Love you!


PS. I also never thought I'd witness daddy listening and singing along to Disney Princess CDs on his car stereo even when his own princesses are not in the car with him :)


Fenwick 5 said...

Beautiful should frame this in her room and even put it in a card when she graduates 5th grade....high school.:) Gidget

Peter and Nancy said...

Oh, that sweet, sweet first photo! How easy it is to remember the feelings we had the first time we saw their faces . . . You make a beautiful family, Rosses!

Leveta said...

I agree with Gidget.Beautiful words and worthy of framing. Happy Gotcha day to a sweet beautiful girl and her beautiful family too. I remember that first day with Kaitrin too.Nothing to compare to it.