Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Show Time!

The months leading up to recital were nothing short of painful for the whole family as Devi struggled to keep her inner class clown in check during her third year of dance class, often leading to phone calls of apology to the dance instructor, time spent in the “thinking” spot at home and threats of hanging up her dancin’ shoes all together. Though I doubted it was possible at times, she did manage to discipline herself toward the end of the season, earning two arm stamps for the final two classes, just days before the performance.

Treya, on the other hand, LIVED for dance class on Thursdays, receiving two stamps every single week. One stamp earned for having good listening ears, and one earned for class participation. Since September, she has proudly rolled up her sleeves after class to reveal the two shapes, slightly smeared by movement, that decorate her beautiful brown forearms. She also declared “Dance Day” as the best part of her day every week.

To Devi, recital has become old hat, but this would be our first attempt of seeing Treya center stage, contemplating stage fright or becoming star struck. In both situations, the girls were giddy with excitement on performance day, and in truth, I too, found myself a tad excited with a swell of proud momma as well. Giving them each my final words of encouragement with a dash of fairy dust applied to each cheek and a swipe of princess lip gloss across their tender lips, we were ready to go.

Wedging Treya’s twinkle toes into her size 9-1/2 tap shoes, she was costumed and ready for her first number with a grin spread wide from ear to ear. Marching in, the troupe, 10 dancers long,  ended with Treya on the far end, positioned in front of a small bottle fed baby in a carrier right at her eye level in the audience. Teacher Cat said, “Little dancers, starting position please and hide your hands!” Obediently, all the kids jumped separating their feet nice and wide and put their hands behind their backs awaiting the cue of the music. Three or four notes into the song, Treya’s attention drifted from Teacher Cat, positioned at the back of the room, to her favorite thing on earth....a baby! Captivated, she continued to dance in slow motion and we could make out an occasional TAP, but she was gone, mesmerized by this small child suckling away on it’s bottle. Hilarious. 

Next she performed a ballet in the same costume that Devi wore on her first recital. Equally as darling in the pink tutu and foam crown, Treya flitted about, obviously dancing to her own music, her eyes as wide as saucers with her pudgy cheeked smile revealing every last one of her pearly white teeth. Performance for Trey is definitely not about the precision of the step, but rather it is all about taking in every inch of her frame costumed in finery.

Receiving a high-five from me during each of the costume changes, you could just see her swell with pride. This became ever more obvious as she was transformed into a cowgirl, complete with cowgirl hat, red fringe and silver sequins for her western styled jazz number and finally swinging neon pink scarves for the finale. Teacher Cat commented at the end, “Treya, did you eat jumping beans for breakfast?” as the fast paced Alvin and the chipmunk music brought out the JUMP in our girl. Jump she did....many many times. To this, I just smile, recalling that last year at this time, her legs were just out of casts and running and jumping were just two of the many goals she was striving for. 

Devi the oldest in her group, has become a leader amongst her peers. Booming with confidence she took the stage for her tap dance with a bright smile ready to wow the audience, but with everyone of her performances to date, she has suffered a costume malfunction. This time knocking a giant sequined silver bow off of the top of head and down across her eyes. She was determined to not miss a beat continuing to dance blind, so I came to the rescue, pushing it back up....hardly noticeable-front and center-in the middle of everyone’s home videos I’m sure! 

A twirly orange skirt was worn for the ballet dance. Evidence of three years of classes came through as she gracefully commanded the school room stage with her delicate footwork. Bits of “I’m Cool” have been sung around the house for the past couple of months, making it nice to see the jazz dance in it’s entirety performed live with cute pink fringe skirts and with ribbon and flower head bands for accent. The show concluded with another Alvin and Chipmunks rendition of a popular rock and roll song full of movement and fanfare. Precision is key for this girl, sporting the smile, finding the tape mark on the floor and this year performing with rhythm and grace, while singing no less.

Naturally, the parents and today Oma too supplied tons of flowers to recognize our girls' accomplishments. Both girls were so proud and chatted about the details of each dance long after the final curtain. It was so fun to hear the older girls congratulate each other on their jobs well done as they changed and headed out into the great room for cookies and to join their smiling parents who awaited them with praise. The smile I had smeared across my face lasted for hours recalling all of the Hollywood moments witnessed on this monumental day for the Ross household.


Leveta said...

Julie, they are so precious! I would be beaming with pride too.

Miche said...

Oh my goodness they were both so cute in all those costumes!! I loved hearing Treya jumped like a jumping bean :) Congrats to them both for reaching goals!

Miche said...

LOVE so much :)

Kristen said...

absolutely adorable!!!

Peter and Nancy said...

Such sweet sisters! And to think of how far Treya has progressed after multiple surgeries . . . simply amazing.

Karen said...

Amazing! They overcame so much to get to this performance... short-term and long-term obstacles... and look at them! ADORABLE. I mean seriously. Could life get any better??
Great job, girls!

Andrew & Cairenn said...

New reader here! your girls are absolutely beautiful :)