Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From one to the Next

We couldn't make the Portland India festival this year,
so treated the girls to an evening out with Indian food, 
which requires wearing the proper attire!

Just as the monsoon rain rejuvenates the people of India from the sweltering heat; so does our Pacific Northwest sunshine lift the spirit and morale of those living here, anticipating the coming of summer - not marked by a day on the calendar, but rather by the shedding of heavy sweatshirts and pants for shorts and sleeveless shirts. Once warm weather is here, the passing of days accelerates as we try to squeeze in every outdoor activity we have longed for during the overwhelmingly long, wet and gray months. 

To keep us on track this year, the family made a to do list of our favorite things to accomplish during the summer, which has hung on our pantry door since mid-June. At first it seemed a bit skimpy, but as the last couple of summer weeks fast approaches, I fear we are going to end up leaving a couple of boxes unchecked! One item was crossed completely off, as we discovered the girls are horrible at nature walks, making the thoughts of tent camping with them less than a pleasant experience. Perhaps next year. 

We did; however, manage to accomplish a lot and have happily marked off several activities. Visiting Farmers’ markets, riding a train, completing a random act of kindness, attending countless birthday parties, enrolling in the summer reading program and attending night time pajama story time at the library, riding a pony, eating a new flavor of ice cream,  having a water balloon fight, visiting a water park, eating a picnic in a new park, paying it forward, growing a garden, going to a farm, and running through the sprinkler just to name a few events, has left things like going to the ocean, watching a movie outside and the much anticipated go blackberry picking, which undoubtedly will be our next activity. I’ve checked our secret spot and it looks a day or two from being perfect. In addition each family member lovingly shared a summer cold with the next, and Dev was down for the count with the stomach flu for several days.

I suppose that the best way to sum up our days that flow from one to the next is through photos, because it seems as quick as the shuttle closes, we are on to the next, in a line of many, family outings.

Treya's first time bowling

Treya's sings at the school picnic

Devi graduates from preschool

Face painting at a local festival with friends

The "Not Its", the girls' favorite band, play a concert

Treya makes us pancakes

We visit Remlinger farms...steam engines,
canoes, and pony rides

Bengal gets some loving

Cousins Jordan and Olivia visit from California

The garden starts to produce veggies

We pick blackberries and make jam!


Leveta said...

Again as always I love reading your updates of your sweet family.Sounds like you have done some really neat things and created some sweet memories and at the same time being out of the house and up and moving which is so good. Love the idea of the nighttime pajama reading..I am going to suggest it to our library.

Peter and Nancy said...

Love seeing all the summer fun! We passed around a summer cold too -- I'm glad yours didn't slow you down for too long. The girls look fantastic, and up for all sorts of adventure!
Hugs from:
Nancy and Anya Rashi

Miche said...

What are the beautiful headbands called? I love the charms hanging off them! I found a store near me that sells outfits, so whenever we get our referral I'll be out buying things :) :) :)

Candice said...

So sweet! I am so glad that your girls have each other to share these memories with! Sounds like you've had a fabulous summer!


Tara said...

Hi Julie!

Just catching up on your blog...I can't believe how the girls have grown! They are both SO SO BEAUTIFUL...such a beautiful family you have!