Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Science of Santa

Good behavior has been a struggle for Devi lately as the count down to Christmas fast approaches. She managed to eek out a couple of good days back to back with no note from her teacher, which earned an opportunity to plead her case on Santa’s lap. The morning before, the girls spent our coffee time and story time outing thoughtfully preparing their Christmas lists. Devi was able to write her own this year and Treya, now on her second year home, was full of ideas having a much better idea about what she was doing and why.

Measuring her behavior in her own mind, Devi was concerned that she not wish for too many or too few things. At number five she concluded that she was done, but then paused and asked if she could add one more thing. I assured her that one more thing would be okay. She told me that it was something that Santa couldn’t bring anyway, but it was something she has been wishing for for a long time. When pressed she confessed she was asking for a baby brudder. Be still my heart.

Now down to a science, I whisked the girls from school and headed toward the mall where Santa was waiting, sending daddy on ahead to mark our place in the typical extra long line of wiggling children. Meanwhile the girls and I parked and began their transformation from uniforms and muddy tights into their princess-like Christmas dresses in the back of our mini van. The anticipation of the moment mounted as they chattered about their lists and all the extra things they had to say, trying to remember to ask for a treat for Bengal, hoping that they would get a candy cane and wondering what he might ask them.  A quick brush of their hair and we joined daddy second in line!

Both girls’ eyes were enormous when they saw Mr. Kringle. Devi had been questioning the logistics of how Santa could be in so many places at once, scientifically considering that perhaps there were helpers that actually handled this part of the deal, but at this very moment any doubt vanished as both girls drew near.  Standing before him, they politely said Merry Christmas and he began the task of reading each girl’s list. Leaning to one side for better light and adjusting the rim of his bifocal glasses he skimmed Devi’s items and paused at the final sentiment that she wrote at the bottom. “I am trying.” When asked, she said, “ school. I am trying harder.” Naturally, he all ready knew this and encouraged her to keep up the good work.

Next, he surveyed Treya’s list and wondered out loud if her second item “socks”, referred to a clothing item or a kitty with that name. We assured him that she could really use new socks as her feet have grown tremendously and that Treya is a practical girl and came up with this all on her own. Santa was impressed, adding that many children had asked for puppies and kitties this year and he and their parents hoped they would all visit the humane society instead. 

Giving both girls a nod, Santa carefully folded their lists and tucked them into his giant bag for safe keeping. Then, perched on his huge lap they each hugged him and said thank you. Treya squealed with delight when he handed her a peppermint sucker explaining that a sucker with a stick avoids the sticky fingers that come with a candy cane. 

Another painless and successful year of meeting Santa under our belt, the girls seemed at ease knowing their lists had been safely delivered and were tucked carefully in Santa's gigantic bag. At dinner a very perplexed Treya said, “so....where is my present?” Instant laughter filled the air at poor Treya’s expense as we tried to explain that Santa does not make his rounds until Christmas eve. Our confused girl was expecting instant gratification right then and there, but now must wait another agonizing seven days. Let the count down begin! 
 Merry Christmas everyone!


Karen said...

Ah, what a fabulous post. Your precious girls are really getting it right! "I'm trying" and wishes for socks... those are really some great moments there.

Beautiful dresses and lovely smiles on your hopeful gals! I'll bet Santa was charmed.

:) Karen

Peter and Nancy said...

Beautiful (and funny) memories being made over at your house! Your girls are so endearing, and I always love seeing the computer magic that creates such a fun Christmas card! Merry Christmas from all of us!