Sunday, January 06, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

About a week before Christmas, I was sitting on the couch, busy addressing envelopes, watching a Christmas hallmark television program. Devi, still sleepy-eyed and warm from napping, quietly made her way down the stairs, her pokey wrapped thumb still stuck in her mouth, and curled up next to me as I worked.

A St. Jude commercial came on with Jennifer Aniston talking to two young girls. The girls were bald from the side effects of the chemotherapy they were receiving. They talked about how nice it would be to get well and not have cancer anymore and to have hair again. Not new to the word cancer, it never occurred to Devi that this disease could effect young people just like her. This sparked a conversation between Dev and I about their illness and hair loss and she decided she would like to help them. 

So, the day after Christmas I took her to her first salon and she explained to Cherlym, the stylist, that she hoped to donate her hair to Locks of Love for these sick young girls. After a quick washing her beautiful wavy black hair was combed straight. Cherlym, pulled Devi’s hair into a ponytail and measured it to ensure she had the required 10+ inches to takes for donation. Devi had hoped that her hair would still be over her shoulders but, we found that in order to have the length required, it would have to be shorter than she’d hoped. A big decision - she decided that she would much rather donate it then to keep it for herself.

With that, the stylist took her scissors and began to cut through the thick rope-like ponytail, over two inches in diameter. At this point I was not sure what was going to happen. Devi can be a bit of a drama queen so I could really envision this scenario going one of two ways; complete breakdown with tears was what I was hoping to avoid. Rising to the occasion, a broad grin filled her face as she watched the reflection in the mirror she faced as the last few strands were cut through releasing the pony tail from the nape of her neck.  After blow drying, Devi was admiring herself in a hand held mirror and I asked if she liked her new look. She replied, “Nope, I don’t like it....I LOVE it!”  Now days later, her chopped ponytail is finally dry and we can send it off.


After Christmas the four of us decided it was time to go through the playroom and donate some of the toys that we no longer play with. Typically, I have total support until I pick up the first item for inspection and then find that no one can manage to part with a thing. Everything seems to be special, or came from someone special, or reminds them of a special time (I type this while rolling my eyes). This time; however, Treya, in “matching donation” style decided if she couldn’t donate her hair, she would donate toys.

I soon realized that she did not quite understand the whole concept that once something is put in the donation box, it does not come back out. At the rate she was going her room would be empty with not so much as a bed left in it, but at the time she was feeling really good about these decisions. So we back pedaled a bit, and together made some better choices, filling more than one box of items to be loved on by someone else AND we packed a few things away as keepsakes. 

With the last of the "TREES" eaten, I have one final RAOK. It is a secret. I received a phone call yesterday that Treya’s name was chosen in a drawing and she has won a bicycle! They called to chat with me about her favorite color and character so they can choose just the right one for her. I know she will be thrilled beyond words about this, especially since her birthday is in two short weeks!


Nikki said...

I just LOVE your girls' hearts!!! They are truly little sweeties!!!! AND I LOVE her new's adorable!!!

Peter and Nancy said...

Can't wait to show Anya the photo of Devi and her new 'do! They have the same haircut now (minus any curl on our end!). :o)

What a huge heart of compassion for other kids . . . great job cultivating that, mama!

Beth said...

As an adoptive mom (Armenia),with a sister (also an adoptive mom, China) who has cancer now...and had cancer twice as a child, this gift of the Magi (Devi)is truly special. Way to go Devi! Empathy in kids is a beautiful thing.

Sladkost said...

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Candice said...

Devi is adorable! I love that her heart was touched for other children and that she was willing to sacrifice something of her own for them!