Monday, October 31, 2005

We Are on the LIST!

October 11, 2005, we completed and sent in our dossier! It is the packet of information about us that is sent to India to make sure we comply with all of their requirements to adopt. Every document had to be certified notarized! That is a lot of paperwork and it includes our homestudy report.

The best news is that we are on the LIST! We are officially waiting for a referral of our child/children. Remember, we still don't know if there are one or two, but we will feel blessed either way.

The average wait time is 9 to 12 months from this date for a referral and then another 4 to 7 months waiting on a VISA. These numbers are subject to change, but hopefully will be shorter :) This puts us traveling hopefully by the end of 2006. And it also means that our girl/girls should be ready to be born anytime! It is all so exciting.

Another looming factor is our age. Patrick and I can only have a combined age of 86 to adopt from India. We are getting dangerously close to that now. YIKES!

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Just looking into adopting our next daughter from India. Which agency did you use? I hear that things have changed within the past year and they are putting some new systems in place. I've heard that now a non-indian will either get referred an older child or one with special needs. We have adopted from Ethiopia so i have tons of info on that but i was wondering what are some common special needs? Well, thanks for reading :)