Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Now that pretty much everyone knew about our adoption plans the flood of questions started coming in.

Q Why International Adoption?
A Well, when I had my first professional graphic art/design job, I used to typeset a magazine called Adoption Today. I think it is still published. Anyway, it was then that I read wonderful adoption stories and thought what a wonderful experience International Adoption could be for me.

Q Why India?
A Patrick had an Aunt...Aunt Mary, who he was extremely fond of. She introduced us to the wonders of the Indian culture. She wasn't of Indian descent, but she and her husband lived in Pakistan for a few years. I believe she was involved in International studies and she loved the diversity of other cultures. I will never forget my first visit to her home in Georgetown. You entered the living room and stepped onto a dense tapestry rug that carpeted the floor. The room was flanked by two lamps with camel skin lamp shades that gave off a golden light and a live bamboo plant grew in a pot in the corner (This was long before bamboo was popular). It was at this first meeting that I was introduced to Indian food. We had a delicious chicken, apple and raisin dish that instantly left perspiration on your brow with the first bite. The intoxicating spices took you thousands of miles away...we were in India! The last time we saw Aunt Mary was at Pat's sister, Lisa's wedding. She came dressed in a brilliant sari, complete with a bindi!

Q Why a girl?
A Pat says it would be perfect...his princess and soccer player, all in one (or two)!

Q Why does it take so long to adopt?
A The timeline is effected by so many things. The most important reason is that the Indian government is trying to do the best thing for all of it's children. Patrick and I are content to wait, knowing that God will bring our family together one way or the other. All good things are worth waiting for :)

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