Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Impulse Buy #1?

In November 2005, we attended the Art with Heart non-profit event. One of the silent auction items was the most darling pillow case dress with an embroidered front and a matching coral chenille jacket that I just fell in love with. Patrick and I had decided not to purchase anything until we were positive that this adoption was going to happen. It was a protective measure to help spare our emotions if, for some reason, we could not adopt. Well, Patrick saw the little dress and threw our level headed idea out the window. As the auction was ready to close, we hovered over the bidding sheet. That dress would be ours! It is...and it hangs in your closet waiting for you to come home!

It was at this time that we realized we were falling in love with you, even though we had no idea who you were or if you were even born. (Keep in mind that we still have no idea if you are one or two!) Up to this point I was afraid to imagine your little face or tiny hands or cute little chubby body, but it just happened and now I can't stop thinking about you!

We began to wonder all about you. What will you look like? Will your hair be curly or straight? What will your voice sound like? I hope you won't be painfully shy like I was :), but we will happily work through whatever comes.

We also began to envision our lives together. Pat and I like to take long walks on the weekends with the poochies and we always end up talking about the day we have you with us in the baby jogger. Or, the wonderfully comforting feeling of having you FINALLY falling asleep upstairs in your room as we watch the movies we've rented downstairs –with the sound kept low, of course :) We discuss what the long plane ride will be like, bringing you to your new home from India. Yikes!! Pat says we will just apologize to everyone around us before taking off. That way we've got it covered. (I secretly know you'll be an angel!)

We talk about your room and how we will paint and decorate. We've been saving our favorite clothes for years...since we got married. My hope was that we could use them to make an heirloom quilt for you. Guess I better get sewing!

All of this...because of a cute little pillowcase dress!

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