Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Daddy's thoughts

On Saturday morning when daddy woke up he rolled over to me in bed and his first words to me were...
"Are you good at math?" With sleep still stirring in my brain, I focused and thought about it and said...yes. Then he said "Oh good, you'll have to help Devi with her math homework." With that he rolled back over and closed his eyes again.

We were driving around recently running errands with the radio playing, the car was otherwise silent. Out of the silence daddy said.....
"What if she doesn't like soccer?"

I was reading from the India travel book about some of things I'd like to see and asked daddy what sites he'd be interested in seeing while in India. He responded...
"Devi...I want to SEE Devi. Everything after that is a bonus."

Yesterday I called him at work and said, "Are you ready to turn our not-so-wonderful-summer around?"
Daddy responded, "REALLY! We got it? Legals, I mean?" Boy did I feel awful when I told him, "Oh, no...I managed to score Stevie Wonder tickets."
I need to learn to be more careful about what I say these days...he is a bit jumpy :)

Almost daily, daddy says
"I can't wait to hold her..."
and that goes for both of us!


The Labontes said...

Every phone call I make, I must start the conversation with, "It's not about Max." Stevie Wonder sounds great, Julie - Enjoy.


Sheri said...

I am so excited for you and pray that you get your legals soon for your beautiful Devi!!