Monday, August 13, 2007

A Room of Your Own

The day we allowed ourselves to begin preparing your room also marked the day that we felt sure that you would, without a doubt, be joining our family forever. Before this, the sense of being vulnerable seemed far to great to start. On this sunny day in July, however, we donned our painting clothes, rolled up our sleeves and immersed ourselves in thoughts of you. It was a great day...and everyday after as we worked on a project for your room, our hearts have felt so full. This may explain why your room full! We hope you love it!

One special item is the grandparent's hand print picture that we made for you. I've explained earlier that this was our way of having my mother ( your grandma Dee Dee) take part in preparing for you before her passing. I love how it turned out; each print gives you a glimpse of each of the grandparents unique personalities, all of whom, love you so much.

Your borrowed crib was handcrafted out of sturdy maple by your Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tim for your cousins Olivia and Jordan. It was made for "Ross babies" and says so right on the bottom. That is why your Aunt Shannon and Uncle George wanted us to use it. The crib has traveled alot since it's creation. The latest leg of it's journey from Montana to Washington was in the back of Oma and Opa's car...special delivery.

Around your room are toys of mine saved from when I was a girl, including the tattered old teddy bear your great grandpa gave me when I born, which will hopefully bring you comfort as it did me so many years ago.

The furniture was used by your aunt Joan and I when we shared a room as girls and the rocker was a hand-me-down gift from Gail, a friend of your grandpa.

The valance is the sari that was given to us from our friends Martha and Paul (mentioned in an earlier blog entry) and the yellow and gold embroidered lamp shade was purchased from the Indian restaurant we like to frequent. It was a woman at Gateway to India who taught us the correct pronunciation of your Indian name and smiled when she informed us we were adopting a bengali girl!

We hope that you will feel safe and comfortable in this room of your own. We are certainly ready for you! Will you be ready for us? Hmmm....


The Labontes said...

I can feel the love in every square inch of that room. What an amazing place to play and sleep peacefully (hopefully through the night;).

I feel your excitement building through this blog.


Anonymous said...

WOW we are sooo happy that everything is finally in high gear!! We can't wait to see that baby, what a cute one she is!! We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers hoping that the last leg of your journey will be fast and worry free as possible.

All our best,
Jim, Michele
and Joe

Karen said...

Julie and Patrick, what a labor of love that room has been! It is absolutely beautiful!! I love the colors, I love the deep sense of family and community that each item conveys, I love the tender love and care you have put into this gift for your precious daughter. Soon she will be home and will be crawling all over that rug, pulling up on her crib rails, staring at the patterns on the lamp, cuddling the snuggly dolls and animals that wait for her. You've made a treasure for your Treasure!

Sandy & Butch said...

I can't help some happy tears at the great news and the beautiful room. You are going to be the most incredible parents. Little DeeDee is a very fortunate child to be coming into a family filled with such love! And talk about fortunate! Her Mommy & Daddy are getting one of the most gorgeous girls ever. The new photo of her is so precious. I can just see the huge grins on your faces as you prepare to travel.
Godspeed! love, Sandy & Butch

Melissa said...

Julie, I am just getting so tearful reading your blog, but just wanted you to know how excited I am that you are traveling soon. I cannot believe how much your precious girl has changed since I saw her in April (picking up Anela). She is just beautiful and the room is perfect. I can't wait to follow you guys on your journey. Melissa K. (home with Anela now 4 mo)