Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thanksgiving in Mexico...With a Cherry On Top

The Ross Family - Thanksgiving 2008

No turkey, no stuffing, no green bean casserole, but oh what a sunset! We opted to spend our Thanksgiving in sunny Puerto Vallarta this year. We ALL have a love of the sun and beach and this week of rest and relaxation was a perfect way to prepare for the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday.

With a deter-
mination ten times greater than her tiny frame, Devi mastered "swimming all by myself" on this trip. Just a mere six months ago, while at this same resort, she was content to jump from the ledge a couple of times and then head back to her beach chair. Not so this time. I swear the girl knows every inch of that pool by heart now. Once one of her toes touched the water she coaxed us..."let go mommy, let go!" Of course we would and she would sink to the bottom, dubbing her the Indian brick. Grasping her arm and pulling her skyward, as she sank past, Devi, once breaking the waters surface, spit and spattered for a gulp of air. Then as soon as her voice returned would start the routine over again, "Let go, mommy, let go!" At times, it seemed her little
heart would pound right out of her chest, but she persevered and on the day before we left, she swam (FOR REAL). She was so proud of her accomplishment.
Marking our third trip to the same resort, it was nice to be recognized by some of the hotel staff this time. Devi brought smiles with her somewhat butchered pronunciation of Spanish words. She did get Hola and Adios down and used them ALOT! Eduardo, who managed the pool side bar introduced Devi to a maraschino cherry. I'm not sure if she enjoyed the taste of the cherry or not (I think they are nasty, so therefore everyone should!) but because it was from a boy, she LOVED them and required several throughout the day. She is such a flirt! One afternoon she climbed right up into the lap of a "grandpa" looking man who became known as Grandpa Bob for the rest of our stay. He was very kind and a really good sport!

A Maraschino Cherry from Eduardo!

We met up with our friends Jan & Cindi and their daughter Karli and friend Nick this trip. We all loved the extra playmates and we appreciated the extra sets of eyes to watch over our very precocious girl. Children notice everything: the sound of the birds and waterfalls, the insects, the clouds, the color of the food, the chatter of other guests, the plants, the feel of the sand, the music, the moon, tiny specs of things on the beach AND go to investigate these things!! Exploring our surroundings through the eyes of a two year old at our knee height, brought a fresh new dynamic to our trip.

Daddy and Devi can't get enough of the beach.
Beaching walking and sand castles were their after breakfast ritual.

Sadly, several days into our trip, we heard of the terrorist activity in Mumbai, India. It was staggering news, made ever so more poignant by our own circumstances. The three of us, celebrating life in such a luxurious way as a family, only to realize that in the our child's birth country something so hayness and cruel could be occurring, where regard for human life was so insignificant. Making this world news that much more touching, is knowing that these acts of violence are now associated with the place that most likely will be a temporary home to our future baby.

A rare moment when sunglasses actually stay in place!

Escaping the drizzle and wind, one full week of fun in the sun did wonders for our climate controlled morale. Sadly, our tans have all ready started to fade *sniff* but under our sweaters and coats, we secretly still know they are there! It was a fun and easy trip, even the flying. Devi had her own seat this time and slept a good portion of the way going and coming...waiting to fall asleep until the credits rolled on Elmo in Grouchland on the mini dvd player. Just yesterday Devi announced, "I go swimming today?" Guess that means it is time to book another trip! :)

Apple a big girl cup with a straw...all by myself!

Love the hotel pampering. Towels in the shape of a swan today!

The whole gang minus our sleeping beauty.
Nick, Karli, Cindi, Jan, Me and Pat.


Our Family said...

Great Pictures of your turkey time in Mexico! I really like the beach too. I can't wait to go back.I hope next time we will have Maiya with us.It look like Devi has mastered swimming.

Kristi W. said...

Yay!! I was waiting and waiting to live vicariously through you in Mexico... ;) Fantastic pics. Way to go Devi for learning to swim!!! Sorry your tans are already fading. I hate that part. Thanks for the update!!!

Kristi - who LOVES maraschino cherries!!! ;)

The Labontes said...

That first family picture is just gorgeous! Once again, your adventure looks amazing. So glad your holiday was just what you needed. I cannot believe she's swimming already! That amazes me!


rhonda owens said...

Loved hearing about your vacation with the wee one. Doesn't get better than that!

Amy said...

What wonderful pics! You all look like you had a blast! I can't wait to take Simeon on vacation someday!

I must admit - I am a sucker for maraschino cherries too ;).

Karen said...

What gorgeous pics, and most particularly the one of the family in the sunset. Devi is such a little firecracker! What a little darlin'!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! Will Devi swim like her Mom or play Soccer like her Dad?? Sounds like she is on her way to do both!! I bet it was nice to get some sun knowing that back home it was chilly and wet, what a great way to spend Thanksgiving.
Thanks once again for the fun updates!!! Jim, Michele and Joe

CindyO. said...

Wonderful--I'm so envious--What a big girl you have there...she really is gorgeous and I bet she had those people wrapped....Swimming--that's our favorite thing...

Pam said...

Wow! What a trip. Loved the pictures and as always I love reading about your adventures. You always make it easy to imagine that I'm lying on the beach right there with you guys! ;)

Melissa C said...

Absolutely beautiful photos - Devi is such doll and swimming already- Wow! The family photo with the sunset is awesome - looks like you a wonderful time.

Peter and Nancy said...

I love hearing about the details that show that each child was placed with each family for a reason -- aren't you a former competitive swimmer? I see coaching in your future! :o) This post is making me pine away for summer . . . I'm glad you're making more memories together!
-- Nancy

The Pfeiffer Family said...

What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving...look at all that sunshine!! Looks like you had a great family vacation. Making memories is what it is all about. Good job Devi on learning how to swim. Enjoy your Christmas holiday!