Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Wonder of Christmas 2008

Ross Family - Christmas 2008

Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle! That is the sound of the needles falling from our beautiful Christmas tree. Staying true to it's name, a noble fir, it stood glorious and tall up until the climatic Christmas celebration passed. Now a fire hazard in our living room we are trying to hold to our New Year's tradition and leave it standing until January for good luck in the new year. At the rate we are going we will be tossing out a bare trunk with sticks for branches and scooping the bed of needles with broom and dust pan from below. Even now as we sit, hugging a fire extinguisher (just kidding!) and enjoy the glowing lights, one can hear the occasional branch failure and the toppling of an ornament or two, to which we all exclaim, "uh-oh" and which even causes the dog to open one eye and give a glance from her sleeping spot beneath it's lower branches anticipating the need to take cover. Some are eager to put their houses back in order, but we are a family who wallows in the wonder, surprise and hearty celebration of this wonderful season. Pass me another chocolate please!!

An early riser, Devi had us up at 6am and although she had a very good grasp of the sequence of events leading up to Christmas morning, her reaction was best described as a deer-in-the-headlights. While heading downstairs, we discussed the possibility that Santa had come down our chimney and filled our stockings during the night, having to pause and sing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus at the nativity that graces our hall along the way. I didn't ever think we would catch our girl at a loss for words, but as we rounded the corner revealing the proof of Santa's arrival, she drew in her breath and was awestruck. This is one of those memories, as a parent, that you would love to hold onto forever. And with the sweet innocence of a two year old her first comment was that Santa had even filled the stocking of our dog Cayenne, leaving her not one, but two bones!

Deer-in-the-headlights Devi

The three of us enjoyed our morning opening gifts, having breakfast and sipping Mimosa's and apple juice and then hosted my extended family for our annual gift exchange and dinner. This was always my mom's favorite part of Christmas; to be surrounded by her family and serve them a traditional Holiday meal around one table. As my dad says after losing her, the torch has been passed, and this year marked our third year to host. I consider myself a decent cook, although having been vegetarian for many many years, meat is not my forte. I am more of a side dish girl. This year, however, things went off without a hitch...I've simply learned after one raw turkey, an over done prime rib and a bloody tenderloin, to put others in charge of preparing the main course, while I confidently whip the heck out of the mashed potatoes :) Thanks Dave and Gail!

It was a lovely couple of days of celebration, recalling the nostalgia of Christmas' past, experiencing the newness for youngster as she actively participated in the Christmas present, and bringing wonder to all of us as to whether our family will grow in our Christmas future.

Devi was dying to try on her princess panties.
I don't know who was more thrilled with them.

A stocking as big as her! Filled with Indian dolls

Pots and pans and stove top were the hit of Christmas

On our way to church on Christmas eve.
Devi kept the congregation in stitches by cheering "YAY" after every hymn!


Sara said...

What sweet memories! I love the pciture of Devi in awe of the wonders of Christmas morning!

Our Family said...

Good pictures,looks like Devi was having a blast.I bet she got tons of stuff.I like the last picture in pink!Happy New Year.Gidget

Amy said...

Love the pics! Looks like Devi had a great Christmas! The Indian dolls are adorable! I love Devi's expressions in each photo! Love the family photo too :). Happy New Year!

Peter and Nancy said...

Anya Rashi found the India dollies under our tree on Christmas morning, too! What fun it is to see your child's excitement! It's better than any present a grown-up could receive. :o)

The Pfeiffer Family said...

It looks like Christmas was a blast at your house. What an honor to carry on the family tradition of dinner and gift exchange. I love the jammies with the panties over the top...too cute! You have a beautiful family. Have a wonderful New Year.

April :-)

P.S. I was wondering where you got your Indian dollies. You can send me an email at pfeiffer4@verizon.net if you get a chance. Thanks!

The Labontes said...

A girl after my own heart - knowing to cheer after each musical number! Time to get her to a show!


CindyO. said...

Darrell stood to give thanks tonight for Luke & Emy, especialy for bringing LUke home in 2008 and Luke repeated EVERYTHING Darrell said...it was so funny--wonder why things are so much funnier in church??

What great pictures--thanks for sharing.
Happy 2009!!

ColleenC said...

Love that deer in the headlights look! It is amazing how exciting Christmas morning is for the little ones, just so great to watch.

Lynda said...

Devi looks so pretty in her Christmas dress!
The stove you made her is really cute. I think Olivia has that same pots and pans set and Sananda loves to play with it too.
I like Devi's stocking picture with the dolls!