Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heinz 57

If my mom were still alive, she would say I am a Heinz 57. What that means I don’t exactly know, but I am hoping in my lineage somewhere is a drop or two of Irish blood to reap the benefits of this 4-leaf clover presented to me today. The significance of this nature made lucky charm runs deep for this mom who dreams of adding another Indian princess to her brood.

Mentioned in an earlier post, our first clover was bestowed upon us just days before our referral call revealing news and our first glimpse of our precious Devi. Timing being everything, it came at a time when we were uncertain that our dream of International adoption would ever materialize.

This clover, discovered in full bloom during a friend and co-workers backyard retreat, was delivered this morning, wrapped tenderly in a paper towel. Cat, who follows the blog, figured we could use this kind of luck for adoption number two.

She figured right, as I have added another year to my age and, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, this makes us a combined total of 91 years, technically too old to adopt an infant from the land of peacocks, sarees, bangles, and incense that has captivated our hearts. Days before blowing out my candles, the anxiety over that dreaded approaching prime number had reached an all time high. Would the door to this dream suddenly slam shut on my birthday? Prodded by this unanswered question, I phoned our agency representative looking for closure but hoping for assurance. Suffice to say, that we are not throwing in the towel just yet. Though direct questions regarding the specifics of this adoption can not yet be answered, we were left with a possible “within a year” time frame to find a daughter and sister for the three of us, which is more promising than I had hoped for.

Not quite ready to change the name of the blog to "Princess-es Born of India" just yet, we are at least newly refueled with hope once again and ready to continue down this chosen path armed with a little bit-o-luck. Thanks Cat!!


Amy said...

How cool! I have yet to ever find a 4 leaf clover! Hoping good things are on the horizon for your family!

Peter and Nancy said...

I love this parallel to Devi's adoption, and pray that you'll be pleasantly surprised by a quicker referral than you ever thought possible. You're the only person I know besides my friend Liz who's found more than one 4-leaf clover. :o) Or had one delivered, as the case may be!

If it's any comfort, all the ages listed on your paperwork so far don't add up to more than 90 . . .

Lynda said...

What a sweet friend!
My dad and I used to go looking for 4 leaf clovers. I do have part Irish blood, but it is on my mother's side, how funny, I never really thought about it too much before.
Well, hope you get that happy phone call very very soon!


The Labontes said...

Hoping this is a sign of good things SOON to come!