Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Picking daisies All By Myself!

Whether cracking an egg or driving the car, every act of kinetic energy in our household is now preceded by the phrase "IWannaDoItAllByMyself". The person blurting this "word" at break neck speed is none other than our precocious toddler, Devi. I can't tell you how many nights Pat and I lay in bed discussing her antics in a giggling whisper, trying to convince ourselves that we still are in control of our household; the result of that debate is questionable.

Truth be told, we are captivated by her lively and courageous spirit, that continually surprises our adult minds, providing that wondrous link to the freedom of our youth, long since gone from our lives until the day Devi entered in. Along for the marvelous ride, we watch with awe as her developing mind continues to discover the world around her and decipher how all the intricate pieces of life's puzzle fit together.

This weeks fascinating topics of conversation revolve around insects, transportation, making new friends, plant life and gender roles and that discovery went something like this.

Temperatures jumping from March to August in a matter of two days, we've officially set up the wading pool for some outside fun. One afternoon Pat and I were sitting around the pool discussing our day, while Devi was taking a short break from swimming to soak up some sunshine. She was so quiet, we thought that maybe she was taking a short snooze. Suddenly, her head popped up from beneath her burrito-style wrapped towel and she said, "Hi parents!"

We have noticed these kinds of statements from her lately, like she is figuring out every one's place and the roles they play in her life. The other day she asked me, "Mom, are you a wife and a mother?" and later "Is daddy a prince and a groom?" I guess I never really thought about it much, but we refer to ourselves with all sorts of labels and she is doing her best to sort it all out.

No longer shapes, another big discovery is that letters spell words! As adults, I guess we take for granted this means of communication. Devi is fascinated that letters put together say something and she is continually asking us to tell her what things say. Anything with words is fair play...billboards, store fronts, newspapers - the list goes on and on. One can not fathom how exhausting this little game can be! All in the joys of parenthood :)

Planting a garden All By Myself

First Berries from the garden

Tiny sprouts have emerged from the earth of Devi's garden. She chose the seeds and planted them all by herself so very fact that something is happening is nothing short of a miracle. It has been fun to watch the metamorphosis of the seedlings and watch the delight on her face as we round the corner each day to see what has grown overnight in her garden. The strawberries are her favorite because they have all ready yielded a berry or two and at 2 and a half, instant gratification is a must.

So proud of herself on the first day at her new school

With the look of pride on her face, Devi trotted off to a new school this week too. Although still considered a daycare, it is run like a preschool to help the children prepare for when that time comes. It has been interesting watching Devi go from top dog at our old child care facility to the new kid here. It has been her first real challenge, which she has pretty much taken in stride. She had one sleepless over stimulated night of no sleep, but since has been rather eager to go and see her new little friends. She is in a room of 3 year olds who tower over her. I've warned the teachers not to be too protective, as she is tiny, but mighty and seems to be living up to that description.

Just a trim...but Devi's first haircut

To sum up the week properly, one must not only take account of the big activities mentioned above, but also make note of the constant banter that follows along with everything we do, for Devi is never at a loss for words. I've stopped counting the questions now and just try to field them as they come. Here are the strangest ones from this week.

1. Does Spiderman fight the bad guys? (We try to emphasize that Spiderman helps the good people, but the question always comes out this way. Also we are not sure how she knows about Spiderman because we have never mentioned him)

2. What do butterflies eat? (I had to thing about this one)

3. Dad, are you the pilot of the space shuttle?

Some questions lead to a conversation like this one that took place in the car on our way to the grocery store.

Devi: Mom, are you a good driver?
Mom: Yes
Devi: Mom, is daddy a good driver?
Mom: Yes. Is Devi a good driver?
Devi grabs make believe steering wheel and says "Uh-huh"

Mom: Do you think mommy is a good driver?
Devi: Yes
Mom: Do you thing daddy is a good driver?
Devi: long pause then she says "Toooo Fast!"

Stalling at bedtime one evening, she managed to make up her first sto
ry told AllByMyself, which went something like this.

Once upon a time, there was a princess named mommy who was riding a horse and a nice man helped her. The End.

Short and Sweet...just like she is AND forever wanting to do every thing AllByMyself!


The Fenwick Family said...

Love the pictures,and kids sure know what they want and how don't they? Adyn has been into that,doing it all himself.Bailey of course is pass this stage a times. Hope all is well and enjoy your summer,Gidg

Amy said...

She is such a little doll and sounds so grown-up :) I love her little conversations - I can't wait until Simeon starts talking. I love all of the pics and of course the way you describe everything!

Peter and Nancy said...

What a riot! I love hearing the 2-year-old take on the world. :o) We hear a lot of the "do it myself!" stuff around here lately, too. In fact, Anya Rashi just dumped a whole lot of onions into my pot of spaghetti sauce in the blink of an eye . . . we'll see how it tastes!

I'm glad the new school is going well!

ColleenC said...

I love 2 year olds! They are the most fascinating conversationalists! I love her curls too! What a cutie pie you have there and it is so evident that you are enjoying every minute with her.

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous as always and such a smart girl.Sounds like some of her friends from daycare are into Spiderman..(o: What a cutie and so irresistable!I used to write down the questions my kids came up with on chart paper so we could read them again.

Anonymous said...

My gosh! Your Devi is growing up way too fast. Her face has gone from baby-round to young lady lean. What great stories of her evolving personality. Way cute!!!