Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Most Meltificent Monday

"Lick it all around" my dad used to say as I tried to stay ahead of the never ending drips of my melting ice cream cone. In my youth, we would dash off on spontaneous family drives to go look at the remains of a house fire my dad had fought the night before or view a piece of real estate and somehow, miraculously would end up at a Dairy Queen almost every time. Last Monday, we got to witness Devi's attempt to consume a whole cone before it melted away, which appeared to be hard work for her. I got to use my dad's famous phrase over and over as I coached her to completion, well almost. She did get a little help from the dog and a tid-bit each went to mommy and daddy. Funny how she gets so excited about a rare treat of dessert, but the excitement is more over the privilege rather than the consumption. In most cases the bulk of the dessert is often left on the plate, slightly disrupted from the way it was cream being the one exception!

While on the subject of eating, honestly, the girl takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to eat a meal. At first, it is all about the formalities; the napkin goes in our lap, saying grace...usually several...and then she will take a few bites to get started. Then the meal slows and becomes all about the aroma, the texture, the color, how it feels, how we, as adults, eat it, how does one poke it with a fork or scoop it with a spoon. Each of these qualities must be explored and eventually a few more bites go into her mouth. Invariably there is a trip to the potty and/or extra condiments are required that further bring the nourishment to near a screeching halt. And for no apparent reason, just like the climax of a well choreographed dance, she begins to eat again with purpose until finally announcing, I am all done. May I please be excused? We are baffled by this mealtime procedure, but are thankful that she is really a good eater and likes most things; broccoli, celery and lettuce being the exceptions. Daddy calls her our little pounder. We still have no idea where she puts all that food...another phenomena that has these two college educated parents baffled and perplexed as the total area and weight of food consumed compared to the approximate area where it goes for digestion does not compute. We will just have to continue to ponder that one over another ice cream. Lick it all around, Devi. Lick it all around!!


Amy said...

Yum - she makes me want ice cream! I hope Simeon slows down and enjoys his food soon - she might become a little gourmet connoisseur.

Pam said...

Ha! I wonder where Micah puts all of his food on a daily basis as well. :) Ahh meal times, it should be an Olympic sport I think. haha!
Loved the Devi-roo update. As always, WHAT A CUTIE! :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Bad news for you . . . we still have to coach Nathan about licking all the way around! But he, unlike Anya Rashi or Devi, certainly does finish the whole thing. :o)
-- Nancy

Dad and Gail said...

Gail anad I are in Awe at the progress of our little one. Your comments brought back loads of memories, all good. How a little thing such as an icecream cone can remind us of so many good times so long ago. My phrase continues to this day as we sit here at Dairy Queen on Grand avenue licking our cones. Temps now being in the mid 110's the licking has to be fast. Looking forward to a reunion with you all.