Monday, June 15, 2009

Dashing Devi

The distant whisper of rhythmic chanting, carried through the early morning stillness arrives at our house the second Saturday of every June. It lets us know the 7.4 mile Sound to Narrows Race is underway with the military formation leg leading the pack. For those willing to wake that early, it is nothing short of spectacular to watch as groups, in uniform, some with full packs, representing each of the armed forces, run in formation; the stomping of their boots hitting pavement keeping time as they sing and complete the task as one.

Under normal circumstances, tradition would have at least one family member competing in the full course, unfortunately, due to injury and surgery that was not possible. So, for the second year in a row, Devi was our lone representative competing in the diaper dash wave of this annual event.

A full year older, her mission was more clear this time, but just to ensure her success, we had a couple of dry runs across the length of our kitchen floor; running from daddy to mommy’s open arms. Race day found Devi pumped for the event and so excited to wear a real race number. A blur of pink with a bouncing pony tail and flailing arms, she charged the packed course, smiling from ear to ear the entire way. The extra 3 and a half inches we recently recorded in her height helped to propel her into a respectable third place finish.

The highlight of Devi’s day was tearing the coupon from her own race number and redeeming it for her free loaf of bread from the Roman Meal booth, the official sponsor of the event. We were all extremely proud of her accomplishment, but she was most thrilled with her doughy trophy!


Sandy & Butch said...

Man, I can't believe how big Devi is getting! She doesn't have that baby look anymore. What a beautiful little girl. She just shines!

Peter and Nancy said...

Great job, Devi! She looks so proud of herself. :o) Maybe next year, you'll be back in the game, bringing home your own loaf-trophy!
-- Nancy

Amy said...

How cute she is! You may have a future track star on your hands :)

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Great pics! She looks so proud of herself and her prize! What a fun tradition to have. I bet it is quite an impressive sight watching all the military dressed in uniform marching proudly for all to see.

April :-)

The Labontes said...

Look at that big old grin - so proud of herself! What a neat event to be a part of.

Anonymous said...

She is the CUTEST bread squuzer I ever saw.The pillsbery(sp?)dough boy should be jealous.She's doing a much better job squeezing the bread than he does. (o:

rhonda owens said...

YAY for Devi!! Love the pics. It is so good to see you guys!

jasonliberty said...

Yay Devi!!! She is the cutest Runner I've ever seen :-)