Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Powder Puff Pink...Two Coats!

With summer weather in full swing we are taking full advantage of it. This also means that one must have painted toenails for open-toed sandals, something Devi has never had done before. She was more than thrilled when I made the suggestion. She is finally at an age where vanity is beginning to enter the picture and with it comes the patience to sit still long enough for “paint them powder puff pink...two coats, mommy”. So I obliged her and painted her toenails for the very first time.

Daddy completed her spa day experience with a bubble bath that evening. This is her refusing to get out of the tub even though the water has drained completely away. The life of luxury for sure!

The Farmer’s market is a weekly event for us and is where we have our summertime “story time and coffee time”. Devi loves to purchase her own fruit, cherries on this particular day, to eat in the sunshine before dancing off the calories to the tunes of local talent whose music resonates through the tented street. Empty spaces abound for side walk chalking and the air is filled with the sweet aroma of lavender, crepes and freshly baked bread.

We spent one afternoon experiencing Art on the Ave, another of our local festivals. Showcasing artistic and musical talent is it’s focus, but Devi’s focus was all on the dunk tank that she found fascinating and her yellow balloon. Although I am a bit leary of letting her walk unattended in a crowd, what fun is a balloon if one can't bob along and watch it bounce in the air beside you? It was a great source of entertainment for her until we happened upon our favorite Indian restaurant for a spot of lunch. Dev, dad and I munched on Kabuli Channa and Garlic Naan. Can there be a better combination of festival foods? We think not!

Another fascination has been Devi’s very own vegetable garden where she is finally seeing the fruits of her labor. We are just now picking our zuchinni and a few carrots. The beans, tomatoes and brocolli are not quite ready yet, but with Dev’s assistance we faithfully check them everyday. This growing process has been such great fun for her and we enjoy watching her grow ever more excited to eat the things she as grown all by herself.

One of our warmer days was spent enjoying our friends pool. Dev has no fear of the water and will jump regardless if someone is there to catch or not. This time daddy was right on target!

If there are any dentists out there reading this, I'm sure you are cringing! How much pink food coloring can frosting incorporate before breaking down? Thank goodness she was satisfied with a lick or two, but it was certainly enough to keep her entertained for the better part of an hour looking at her tongue in the mirror.

With a pile of laundry, a dishwasher that needs to be emptied and the vacuum begging me to push the power button thus ends another couple of lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!!


jasonliberty said...

I love love love all your pictures! Someone takes really incredible pictures:-) Devi is just beautiful and growing up so fast.


Peter and Nancy said...

She is certainly looking like a little girl, and not a toddler any longer! What a beautiful girl, especially in powder puff pink. (I am being robbed of the toe-painting experience -- at our house, that's Daddy's job!)

Summer looks like loads of fun at your house! Can't wait to hear news about Devi's sister, whenever that comes . . .

Amy said...

Love the pics and hearing about the fun summer activities! Sounds like you are having a blast :) I like powder puff pink nails too :)

ColleenC said...

Pretty, pretty nails (and girl of course!!) I was a little envious of your wonderful activities near your house (then again maybe it's because we never actually get out of our house :)

The Labontes said...

Love the balloon pic!

The festivals and activities sound like such a blast! I feel like Devi changes from blog post to blog post. Enjoy the summer!

Pam said...

Love it Julie! As always! Micah caught me painting my toe nails, and he got into my lipstick one day to "paint" his toes too. Augh. Love it! :)

Candice said...

Such a sweetheart and what a little beauty! I love hearing about your adventures together!