Saturday, August 01, 2009

Maiden Voyages

Triple digit temperatures typically do not happen here, so to call this week a scorcher is an understatement. Thankfully, Patrick, Devi and I love the heat and all the activities one does when the sun is making it’s grand appearance.

My foot, still not able to manage the long walks that we typically would do this time of year, found us more than appreciative when a client of Pat’s recently donated their bike trailer to us. Residing in our garage while Pat gave it the complete overhaul, all three of us were anxious to take it out for a test drive. Devi was so enticed that one evening as I was preparing her bath I found her stark naked, with the exception of her helmet, in her mini chariot ready and set to go. We finally made that maiden voyage a few days later, riding for coffee and to the Farmer’s Market. It was an absolute blast to ride along at a relaxed pace that allowed us to take in all the beautiful colors of summer through a rousing game of “I Spy” as we pedaled along. Nothing like a light breeze whispering through the protective mesh to lull a girl to sleep. Out like a light was how we found her, when pulling into the driveway that afternoon. So fun was that first trip, that we have climbed aboard almost every day since, venturing out for story time and coffee time or packing a picnic in Devi’s “trunk” for dinner in the park. Although trying to fit the helmet is a struggle, we are thrilled that Devi is enjoying this mode of transportation that serves as a great source of much needed exercise for Pat and I.

Sound a sleep in what looks like the most uncomfortable position

Always up for a bubble bath, we finally let Devi use our Jacuzzi tub all by herself. She had been asking for a long time, but it seems like such a huge open space to send her into alone. Naturally, she was fine, had a blast and was begging to stay in long past the point of raisin fingers. She emerged squeaky clean and worn out - ready to settle down with ‘pokie”, a square of polka dot blanket that has been her security since first arriving home. Choosing two books - one each for mom and dad to read, singing “Lovely” and saying our God Blesses round out the night time routine every night. There are always the stalling techniques that we fall prey to, like her request for one more family hug where all three of us embrace and do a tri-way kiss, simply because we enjoy them too!

At 103 degrees, our thermometer was giving us the perfect excuse to give Devi her first ride in our boat. She and daddy organized everything the night before and today after work she helped me select items for our picnic dinner at the grocery store. It was a wonderful evening with just enough breeze to knock down the blazing sun to a comfortable level. Nearing a hot fishing spot, we found ourselves surrounded by seals eager to steal fish right off the fishing line, but this was a pure pleasure trip and we’ll drop the lines another time. None the less, we went through the whole dialog that comes with seeing a new animal.
Devi: Do we pet seals?
Mom: No we just watch them.
Devi: Is it because they are wild animals?
Mom: Yes, because they are wild animals.
Devi: Do we pet cats?
Mom: Yes.
Devi: Because they are not wild animals?
Mom: Yes
You get the general idea, but we work our way through all the wild and domestic animals she knows figuring out which ones we pet. It never gets tiring to her.

Ethnic Fest 2009

Ethnic Fest comes annually in July in Wright park and is my favorite of all the festivals we attend consisting of two full days of food, dance and music representing all different parts of the world on several stages. It was another way to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. We took Oma along and we all tapped our toes, clapped our hands and danced the day away. Lunch was none other than a plate of delicious Indian food as we listened to the deep thumping of Japanese drummers.

Literally falling into bed, seems to be the way that we are ending these glorious summer days and we are all loving it. Keep up the good work sunshine. You are welcomed here anytime!!


Amy said...

I am so glad you are having beautiful weather. It makes the summer days so much more pleasant. Of course, you all sound like you are having a blast. I love the pics - especially the napping picture. She must have been super relaxed. Too cute!

Our Family said...

As I was reading I felt like I was the one riding along,HAHA! The ethnic fest sounds like fun and so does the boat ride.It looks like she is a daddy's girl in the boat picture!:)The family picture is so sweet of all 3 of you. I am sure she is a mama's girl too also!Can't wait to see pictures of her little sister in the mix,Gidget

Peter and Nancy said...

We have the same bike trailer (in blue & gray), and have wondered about future chiropractor appointments with the sleep positions allowed by a helmet! :o) We honeymooned in Seattle, and none of the hotels had -- or needed -- AC. I bet you all are sweltering! Looks like you're making the most of it, though . . . Gorgeous family photo!

Nadra said...

She is getting so big. Love the bathtub pic. Such a beautiful girl.

Anonymous said...

Let me say first of all that I LOVE your posts! They are always so full of such neat detailed updates on Devi and the pics are so cute.Glad you are enjoying your warm weather.I am not a warm weather fan and until this week we have had unusually cooler weather here in Mo.and I'm loving it.Would have loved to be there for the ethnic festival.

ColleenC said...

I envy your energy! Looks like so much fun to hang out with you guys! As always Devi looks beautiful- love the bath pic in particular!