Monday, August 10, 2009

Going to the Chapel

With baby Taz presiding and a guest list that included stuffed celebrities such as Elmo, Cookie Monster and Walter the Farting Dog, just to name a few, Devi and I created the game “wedding” to help prepare her for an upcoming event. Devi is the flower girl in the wedding of a friend’s daughter next Saturday so we thought a little practice might be in order to understand the concept. Our family room church was adorned with “guests” that were strategically placed all around on every available flat surface. “The More We Get Together” was our processional and when the first notes of “Frere Jacka” blared from the Tinkerbell boom box Devi, beaming, began her walk toward the fireplace alter throwing the delicate flower petals from her basket at her feet. Arriving at the feet of her Indian boy doll, otherwise known as the prince groom, she dumped the remaining flower pedals from the over turned basket and promptly shouted, “Let’s play again!”

On the night of the rehearsal, try as we might, the long long road between those pews, all alone, seemed daunting. It was a much much longer trek than crossing our own living room and the one thing I had failed to prepare her for was the paparazzi. Flash bulbs, Instamatic's, digital SLRs with long lenses and cell phones all pointed toward her clicking and making electronic noises was enough to make even the most outgoing girl uneasy. She managed about half way on two attempts before performing a wrap-around-leg-grab accompanied by a screeching cry for mommy and daddy.

Ann and Dave von Mortiz with Devi

On wedding day, the pretty princess dress made it’s appearance from the closet that had been protecting the ivory nylon shell with delicate lavender flower stitching and heavy taffeta safe from the tiny, usually dirty fingers, of our curious toddler. At the moment that the dress was placed over her head and the weight of it’s finery hit her petite body, out came the game face and a look of determination that would frighten any opponent. This was a side of our sweet Devi that we have never seen before. She was focused. Never mind, I got the bright idea to conceal a cookie and her “pokie” blanket in the pew at her finish line as an incentive.

The music began, she was given her cue, and off she went purposely dropping rose petals the whole way with none to spare. We did have her walk beside the maid of honor just in case stage fright set in, but there was never a waver in her step. I wept as I watched her, forever the proud momma. You’d have thought my daughter was the one getting married! When I scooped her up and handed her her cookie I whispered, “Good job, sweetie!” She whispered in reply, “Thanks, mom!” as if she does this sort of thing all the time. So cute.

Princess Bride, Ann, the daughter of a lifelong friend, was breathtakingly beautiful. I held Ann in my arms when she was only a few days old and therefore was having a hard time convincing myself that she is indeed mature enough to give her hand and heart in marriage. Together, the couple is a perfect match in spirit, wit and intelligence which makes witnessing this event all the more tender and meaningful. The ceremony was performed by the father of the groom who became ordained just to give this tremendous gift to his son and new wife. It was a wonderful day.

Devi was swarmed by her newly acquired admirers at the reception and beamed with pride at them for her job will done. When her lady-like tendency's began to fade, we sent our drained and sleepy girl home with Oma to dream of her flower girl debut so that Daddy and I could spend some adult time conversing and dancing with the other guests...and dancing we did!

As a way to slightly embarrass the bride and groom in front of 100 of their closest friends, the mother of the bride entrusted about 25 close family and friends to learn and perform a choreographed dance for them. The signal was given, we all donned Indian “jingly” scarves, took our places on the dance floor, cued the music and performed our rendition of “Jai Ho” from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It was hilarious to say the least. The newlyweds were most appreciative of our efforts and laughed so hard...I hope not at us :) In any case, it set the tone for a fun and festive evening. Did I mention my friend, mother of the bride, made 400 enchiladas for this event? Egads!! It was a joyous occasion.


Todd and Michele said...

What a beautiful girl! She did a fantastic job.


Amy said...

How smart of you to practice. She sounds like she did amazing. My brother just got married and their 2 year old flower girl had a major melt-down and refused to walk down the aisle - screaming the whole way.

I love her dress :)

Traci said...

That was a great post. Thanks for sharing. What a doll!

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

How gorgeous!!! Hope you enjoyed your evening out with hubby!!


Peter and Nancy said...

Fun, fun, fun! What a joyous occasion -- and how sweet that Devi was able to play an important role in it. :o)
-- Nancy

jasonliberty said...

It's sounds like you had a blast. I want some of those enchiladas LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea of practicing the "wedding march".It sounds like she did a wonderful job! What a cutie she is!

Our Family said...

What a adorable little girl!!:)
Her and the bride look sweet together,I bet it was so cute to see her throw those flowers!! What wonderful memories...just think of when her daddy will be walking her down the aisle one day,YIKES I hope he doesn't read this,HAHA,have a great week to u all,Gidget

Candice said...

Such a gorgeous little flower girl! What a doll! I'm glad she did so well and the pictures are great!


ColleenC said...

Oh my gosh! What a beautiful girl she is!!! How funny to see her girly side emerge!

CindyO. said...

Great job Devi!! She looked the slumdog millionaire dance part--how awesome was that! No, I'm sure they were laughing WITH

Anonymous said...

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Veronica Lee said...

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