Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Drip Drip Drop....

Only few steps away from the Farmer's market sporting a new raincoat!

Awaking on a recent Saturday to the sound of a light shower tapping our windows, we realized that our sunshine will soon be saying it’s final goodbye, bringing our summer outside activities to a close. Rinsed away was the long acquired layer of dry dust that covered most flat surfaces and leaves, leaving everything with a shiny appearance and an unmistakable freshness to the air. All three of us are true sun worshipers, but I have to admit we all enjoyed a little rain that day. None more so than Devi, who was dying to try out her new rain coat.

Before the weather took it’s turn, we were fortunate to accomplish a few more summer activities. Aunt Shannon, and cousins Olivia and Jordan were in town to attend vacation Bible School at Oma’s church. The classes were held in the morning, so the afternoons were spent with us. Devi is too little to attend, but maybe in a few years.

Zoo explorers - I love that the binoculars are backward!

Cousins enjoying some Rahki love with furry purple bracelets

Our herd at NW Trek

The girls helped us celebrate Rahki with a trip to our local zoo where they became explorers searching for the answers to animal trivia and later exchanged furry purple bracelets to commemorate the occasion. We also managed to squeeze in a trip to NW Trek, a wildlife reserve that gives guided tram tours to it’s guests. Just as we were to board the tram, Devi began an uncharacteristic tantrum with lots of stomping and sobbing. Before we realized what was happening she spat a wasp out of her mouth, but not before he stung her on the side of her tongue. Poor baby was so brave, and other than a slightly swollen tongue managed to enjoy the bison, moose and caribou who flanked our bus throughout the tour.

Helping daddy rip up the old sod

Helping daddy lay the new sod

Part of our new stone patio before mortar.
Devi is wearing the same pair of size 6 month shorts she wore the day after we met in India!

Long in need of an overhaul, our calendar finally freed us up for two weekends in a row, which provided the gumption needed to tackle our backyard. Try as we might to find ways to make what was established work, it just didn’t. Gone went the wooden deck, plants, and the grass got ripped completely out way beyond the roots - we thought it best to start with a clean slate. With clouds of dirt swirling in the air, Devi slept soundly in her car seat while daddy shoveled topsoil into our mini van beside her. That marked the first of the many projects we took on. Devi had her hands in all of it with lots of hand washing in between. She really can’t stand to have dirty hands! Most of her time was spent in her little pool that we set up adjacent to our work area. She was delighted to “cook” for us with her pots and pans in the pool. With sod laid, patio stones down and concrete set we are ready to put in the finishing touches - trees! (something we’ve never had in our back yard before)

Sharing a muffin with a friend at the Farmer's market.

Helping mom with the laundry?

Great Gramma Verna is back in town.
At age 94 she has always been one of Devi's greatest supporters!


The Labontes said...

Sounds like a nice way to end the summer. Love the stonework, and hope the yard turned out just perfect for lots of playtime!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable as always! What a great and fun way to end the Summer.Yard Work! All together! What a neat family time!

Our Family said...

Cute pics and we like working in the yard too.
In fact we need to lay some rock but considering my back is still hurting,I think I need to wait.HA. The raincoat is too cute. Gidg:)

Peter and Nancy said...

Sweet, sweet photos of your little darling! You'll have to post some "after" photos of your projects! :o)
-- Nancy

ColleenC said...

Go you with the home improvement project! I am a huge procrastinator in that area- grand ideas but little motivation! Devi looks just beautiful and what a great raincoat- makes me long for the days when it will finally be cool enough for raincoats here (well almost :)

CindyO. said...

How sweet--love the last picture of Devi and her great grandma--love it.

Those shorts stay good for a very long time on these Indian beauties--its the jeans and long pants that look short before a few months of wearing them. LOL :o)

Karen said...

Tell Devi that we LOVE her new raincoat! Super-duper cute!! She looks just terrific. Size 6-mo shorts ... whaaaa??? :) Jenya is also getting tall & skinny ... 3T pants waaaaaay too big at the waist, but 24 month pants too short. We should all have problems like this.
xoxo Karen & crew