Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Butter And Syrup

Devi thrilled with her crumpled picture of her sister!

Once news hit the blog about our addition, the phones started ringing off the hook with supporters offering their congratulations. I found myself tiptoeing from room to room trying to keep Devi from hearing my conversation and it was getting to be a bit ridiculous. At a glance, Devi’s ears look size and shape appropriate, but I swear they are dumbo-sized when it comes to hearing things we think are definitely out of
earshot. We were trying desperately not to make the same mistake of sharing too much too soon with her as we had carelessly done earlier in our adoption process. It had lead to some confusion for Devi which we were desperately trying to avoid. Finally, Pat and I came to the conclusion that Sonalika belongs with the three of us so why hold back?

Gateway to India was the restaurant of choice. Our happy place. Our spot to share good news, recognize milestones and eat Indian food at it’s best. It is where we went to celebrate the news of Bhargabi (Devi) and learn the proper pronunciation of her given name and so it seemed more than appropriate to celebrate our news of Sonalika (Treya) and share her existence with her soon-to-be big sister.

Soon after being sat and ordering a Mango Lassi for Devi, we explained that we had good news and shared the two small photos of Sonalika with her. She stared and stared and squealed with delight, her voice raising two octaves in excitement. CJ, the restaurant owner, saw us “ching” our glasses and came over to share our announcement. Swooning over Devi, he declared both of our girls to be gorgeous gifts, as Devi busied herself chatting about what sisters do together and how she was going to hold her and take care of this little girl because she was her sissy. This is also where we presented our list of names to Devi and where she made her choice. It was Treya, hands down. At one point in the meal, Devi grew very quiet and when I asked what w
as the matter, she said she was sad. I asked, “Why are you sad, pumpkin pie?” and she replied, “because I want to go get my baby sister right now!” It was so sweet.

In the days since our Indian feast of celebration, Devi has grown concerned about
being a BIG sister. She is quite certain that she is still small, so we have taken to calling them just sisters, with no indication of their size attached.

Showing the attendant she was going to be a sister.

Our agency representative will see Treya in April and will be taking a small package to her on our behalf (and hopefully will take a few new photos). Seizing the moment, we
took Devi to Build-A-Bear to construct a fluffy something for her sister to cuddle until we could come for her ourselves. Naturally, when we arrived, ONE of anything would just not do. Devi’s reasoning...sisters needed sisters, so two soft brown bunnies were born.

With a look of concentration and her size 7 foot firmly planted on the “stuffing” pedal, Devi applied enough pressure to force fiberfill from the the fluff machine and into the bunny skins. Testing them several times, she carefully squished each until the desired amount of cush was added. Next she selected two padded hearts to embed in their lifeless bodies. Jumping up and down 5 times started the hearts beating, followed by a
litany of other gyrations that gave them other lifelike qualities. Finally adding kisses filled with love to each, she plunged her little hand wrapped heart into each chest cavity and brought the furry friends to life.

Sister bunnies in a single box....sharing!

The most ironic thing about the whole trip was the music playing in the store when we arrived. Since the day Devi joined our family, we’ve sung a certain Stevie Wonder song to her as her nightly lullaby, changing the words ever so slightly to make it special for Devi. Naturally, when we learned about Sonalika and were pondering names for her, we tried out Treya’s Stevie Wonder lullaby that we will sing to her when she arrives home. Yep! You guessed it, THAT was the song playing overhead when we arrived at the Build-A-Bear store. It warmed our hearts and brought us smiles.

Lastly, the naming of the bunnies took several days as Devi tried out several combinations. In the end she chose Butter for Treya’s and Syrup for her own. When asked , “Why?” she said, “Because Butter and Syrup go together!”


The Pfeiffer Family said...

I love all the planning and preparing for baby sister to come home. Devi, is absolutely precious in her comments. Can't wait to see pictures of your two little princesses together! Your days will be filled with double the blessings.

April :-)

P.S. I like the names for the bunnies. Devi is a smart little girl!

jasonliberty said...

Devi has had me crying through this whole post! She is so special!! How exciting SISTERS!!! I have a sister and it has always been just her and I! There is just something special about your sister, somehow they fill many rolls in your life. Mine is my sister, my best friend and so many more things then I have time to list! Tell Devi that I'm a big sister too and that's a very special thing to be :-)


SLP said...

What a beautiful beginning to a lifetime of SISTERS!! I have been reading your blog for a little while. We are early in the process of adoption from India:) I have really appreciated all the different blogs that I have found. Blessings to you as you! Sally

ColleenC said...

Adorable! So happy that sweet Devi will get her sister soon. So exciting! Love the name, too! Beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

~ Colleen

Peter and Nancy said...

Devi is going to be a fantastic sister and first friend for Treya. What a warm heart she has! This will be a fun memory to share with them both when they're older.
Big hugs from,
Nancy and Anya Rashi

Emily said...

What an imaginative little girl you have! Sisterhood is so very special. My sisters are my best friends, soul mates in the truest sense of the word. Sonalika (Treya) and Devi are off to a wonderful start already. It is so sweet how excited Devi is. Enjoy the celebrating, and thanks for sharing it with us so we can be a part of it too! Emily

Kristi W. said...

Sweet, sweet Devi! She is going to be great at the sister thing! I am so excited for your family and am (selfishly) so glad you are blogging all of these milestones. I'm such a sap for this stuff. :)

Kristi W.

Fantastic Family of 5 said...

Sisters,sweeter then syrup I must say. :)
This post reminds me of my sister,and the years we had together. Sadly in 07 she left this world with her son,but she remains in my heart forever and I look to when I will see her again.
So glad that you are now preparing for one of life's greatest blessings and definate a blessing to Devi, and Devi will be the same to Treya. Love the build a bear picture. You look so happy and may you be blessed more each day as you wait for your new daughter! Gidget:0

Karen said...

Oh my goodness, that is the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. Butter and Syrup! Ahh! Devi, I would call you a sweetie-pie, but clearly you are the perfect sweetie-waffle instead!

xoxo Karen

Anonymous said...

Good Post!
I wish you luck in the patience dept. I am sure it will be hard for Devi to think of anything else. As the great Madonna sings "Time goes by - so slowly"
(unless you are having fun)
I must go feast on pancakes now. I am not sure why...

XOXO - Monica

Pam said...

I Love it!!! How cute!

The Labontes said...

Boy, I love that girl's thinking! She is going to be such a great sister! You can see the pride in her eyes.

Cindy said...

What a wonderful post!! I love it.....Devi is so precious, I love reading about her.

Treya will definitely be a blessed little girl, as is Devi; but we know as adoptive parents, WE are the most blessed of all. I am so happy for all of you.