Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Holi Moly!

Learning about gulal and tossing some on you!

Yesterday, March 1st, was the Indian holiday Holi. Grayness seems to overcome us about this time of year, so we rejoice in the opportunity to celebrate the coming of spring with the festival of colors.

After consuming our fill of Indian food, Devi drank her Blueberry Lassi while we discovered the fun of buying and tossing gulal powder through pictures in our huge India book and watching YouTube videos of the same. The news announcer reported the festival of colors celebrates good prevailing over evil through positive energy, life and joy! It seemed most appropriate as currently we continue to wallow in all three of those wonderful feelings with the acceptance of Sonalika’s referral.

Proclaiming “Last one upstairs is a rotten egg!” we clambered up to the jacuzzi tub where we had our gulal party. We began by singing made up Holi jingles to help release our creative juices as the tub began to fill. Bubble bath paints and crayons became our brightly colored powder as we decorated the sides of the tub with visions of an approaching spring. We practiced our penmanship and wrote the names of those we loved on the sides of the tub. The one advantage of our celebration over an authentic one....we came out clean in the end!

Did I say, we practiced names? Oh yes, it has been decided as is coming soon!

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Kristi W. said...

Love this idea! Like I've said before, you guys are so creative with all of the activities you do with Devi. Especially the Indian celebrations. Inspiring! :)

Looking forward to hearing that name...

:)Kristi W.