Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Determined Tinkerbell

Halloween 2010

Nostalgia has grabbed me by the short hairs, as I realize that my once agreeable girl now has an unstoppable determination that only means she is growing up. No doubt this trait will one day come in handy, at Halloween time, it can make for long debates where it is questionable if this mother’s authoritative words make even a dent in Devi’s opposing view. Gone are the days, when I decided what her costume would be... a bunny or lamb, for instance, knowing that before the words describing it have even left my lips, she was nodding with enthusiasm and approval.

This year my suggestion of a flower in a flower pot fell flat. Her idea of a fairyprincessunicornglittersomething somehow morphed into Tinkerbell. Once this decision was made, there was no changing her mind. Typically, I have a real problem with “characters” on anything. They seem so marketed, lack imagination and are ordinary...basically I try to avoid such items in the house as much as possible. The Disney princess army is a strong force to contend with, however and I feel like I am losing ground a step at a time every day.

Putting the persuasive powers of a mother’s wisdom into play I try throwing out enticements to change her mind, suggesting that everyone will be dressing as Tinkerbell, how about being a purple fairy (siting her favorite color), the glitter fairy (preying on her love of sparkly things) an Indian fairy (tempting her pride in her heritage) but she was not budging, her mind set like concrete.

Re-evaluating, I thought I would simply make her Tinkerbell costume myself, and short of being green, it would be as un-Tink as possible. She thinks she is Tink, I know she is a green is a win win situation. This plan was a great one until I started pricing the materials required to make such a costume. I simply could not justify the cost over ( I shudder to say it) an $11 dollar store bought Tinkerbell costume.

On Halloween night, with her tiny bun pinned tightly atop her head, my Tinkerbell was born. She became the green spirited sprite – of the dark haired brown skinned variety– delighted to flit around no matter how many other Tinks had taken to the trick or treat streets. As we left our porch and headed for the sidewalk to join the stream of parent accompanied children, Devi announced, “Look at me! I’m Tinkerbell! Look at me everyone, I’m Tinkerbell!” case someone couldn’t tell :)

We had a lovely time, with friends joining us for the 10 house journey. We arrived at the end of the evening across the street where our neighbor has started a bon fire pit tradition in her driveway with hot cider, popcorn and smores.

As I leaned down to give Dev her final kisses good night she asked, “Can I wear my hair in a bun forever, mommy?” It was at this point, that I questioned, why I lobbied so hard to change her mind when in the heart of this little girl what happened tonight was magical. It wasn’t about the candy or the gifts from our generous neighbors. For an hour, she really became THE fairy dust wielding Tinkerbell.

Second annual trip to the Double R ranch for Pumpkins!

OH! it's cold mom!

EWWWW...pumpkin guts!

Devi's creation...complete with a bindi

Mom's , Treya's which we grew ourselves, Devi's and Dad's

Tink is determined to get the garden gnome (Harrison) to the door!

If you can't beat em, join em!


Karen said...

Ha! Great post. Love the "join 'em" at the end. Yes-sirree, she's DETERMINED. Unflappable. And all sorts of other good stuff. Plus, she totally rocks a Tinkerbell costume, which is much more than I can say for myself. What a perfectly PERFECT fairy!!

PS, Pat should note that my boys are officially copying his awesome jack-o-lantern for next year.

me said...

How fun!! Join them is what we do alot too. There is no better choice really.:) Come on Treya Travel time!! Gidget

Peter and Nancy said...

I have a love/hate relationship with those Disney gals too -- but you're absolutely right! It is exclusively about Devi feeling like she's transformed for an evening. :o) Glad to see she's still plunging into the pumpkin guts . . . and I'm happy to not be the only mommy who dressed up last weekend!

Rosell said...

My tink just turned 21 and is living in NYC. It wasn't the bun hair it was the tutu she wore for at least a year, over sweats, overall etc. Enjoy Devi's emergence as her own person, you are teaching her well. I so enjoy reading and the photos of your parenting journey. Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful family!

Emily said...

What magical Halloween fun! I love Devi's determination and spirit. She does truly make a beautiful Tinkerbell, especially in her pink converse high tops :) Emily

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Devi, looks adorable in her Tinkerbell costume! I can't believe how grown up she looks from when I saw her in August. You and Pat look great in your costumes, too. Sounds like it was a special night and fun was had by all.

April :-)