Monday, November 08, 2010

Joy to the World!

Happy Diwali! The Indian festival of lights. Understanding the idea of tradition, Devi was quick to get those Halloween decorations down only to replace them with our map of India, lanterns and candles ready to light on Friday when we once again partake in an Indian feast. I love that she is so in tune with a bit of her heritage, this year asking to wear her salwar kameez to school even though I explained that most the children in her class would not be celebrating this custom. She said she would tell them about it. Inside I am secretly screaming YES! she is grasping a fondness for her roots regardless if it singles her out for being different or not.

Last year we celebrated this festival with fanfare, this year finds us feeling bitter sweet. With this Indian holiday comes closures in all the offices that hold the fate of our Treya in their hands. Diwali, however is a joyous celebration.Through the over 30 lights we ignite we think of the beauty of this world and our family and friends who are supporting us through this second adoption journey.. You all bring light to our lives.

With emphasis on our sweet Sonalika, the "golden" child, we’ve hung a prayer flag - a token gift from our good friend Donna whose ear I bend regularly about the woes of waiting for news.

My boss, normally an unattached kind of guy, consoled my ranting this morning by asking if I had done everything asked of me to the best of my ability regarding this adoption? My answer, of course, was YES! He responded by telling that I have maneuvered myself into perfect position right in front of the door of opportunity. My obligation has been filled and now I must wait for the door to open. No amount of worry will change that. It is so simple but truly illustrates our placement.

Recently I was chatting with a friend who used to work for an adoption agency who told me that she always encouraged families to continue with their lives here, as much as possible, as if there was not necessarily an adoption in process. Reminding me that there are so many many unknowns to what happens on the India side of the process and to “not” do something here in anticipation of the process there could drive a person crazy. It was this advice that lead us to book a last minute, totally unplanned, but much needed vacation to Mexico for Thanksgiving. We had hoped to save this free trip until next spring to bring Treya along, but it seems it could best be used to ensure my sanity now :)

To everyone else we lean on, please know that Friday night we feasted on Indian food and lit a candle to celebrate each of you and invite good things into our home through our front door adorned with lights and bells by way of the rangoli squares that decorate the porch.

While working on this post I checked my email one last time for the evening. In a true answer to the power of the overflowing support and prayer we've received recently, I found this email.

I just wanted to let you know that we received your NOC from CARA in India! You’re one step closer to bringing Sonalika home.


Rejoice! They've said YES! We are not too old. The pounding in my heart has yet to return to a normal level. I am shocked. The closures...the office is supposed to be closed for the holiday. How could this happen? I ran out to the garage where Pat was changing the oil in our cars and loudly whispered (because Devi just went to bed) at the two wiggling legs protruding form under the minivan - We have NOC! He whispered back in disbelief - WHAT? But before I could repeat myself, he had scrambled out from under the car and grabbed me into his arms. With tears streaming from our eyes we jumped up and down in that oily smelling embrace, oblivious to the fact that we now were both covered in motor oil and the bit of grime that goes with it. We jumped, said we can't believe it and jumped some more. Just over a week shy of 5 months of waiting for this you'd think that nothing could surprise me, but tonight as my head hits the pillow I will be singing praises of Joy, Hallelujahs, Namastes, and rejoicing this wonderful news. At last a good nights sleep with a little less worry filling my dreams of Treya Marie.


Not By Chance said...


Soon...very soon... Treya WILL be in your arms...very soon...


have FUN in MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Awesome news Julie!!! That is absolutely amazing. Have a great time in Mexico--hopefully I will have a new addition when you get back LOL!!

Congrats!! Love and hugs from NC,

Karen said...

HALLELUJA!!!!!!! Amazing. AMAZING! Right here in the midst of the HalloweenDiwaliBirthdayMexicoThanksgivingAdventChristmas hubbub... a simple YES bursts through. Light in the darkness. A miracle! Huge congratulations to you and many hugs.

Karen & the R.I. crew

Jennifer M said...

This warms my heart so much to hear! Congratulations! I am thrilled for you guys!

Have fun in Mexico, and happy belated Diwali!

Peter and Nancy said...

When I saw you had posted, my heart skipped a beat and I thought, "Maybe they have NOC! But that can't happen -- it's Diwali." Shows what we know -- God has his own timing, thank heaven!

So thrilled that you've cleared this hurdle!!

me said...

Julie,I knew it!! Have a wonderful time in Mexico as you celebrate... a vacation,NOC,and so much more you have. Sounds like a blessing from God to me.:) Congrats to you all,Gidget

Pam said...

I just love it when God does the impossible!! The image of you guys jumping around your garage covered in motor oil has me literally bawling at my desk. If I could jump around right now, I would too! LOL! I'm so thrilled for you guys! Now enjoy a MUCH needed vacation!

Teresa said...

I'm SO happy for all of you. Praying that guardianship comes quickly so that Treya will be in your arms soon.


SLP said...

Congratulations! We just received NOC at the end of October for our daughter in India! Your description of tears and jumping definitely ring true! SOON we'll be on that plane!!!!! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful daughters! It is so encouraging as we wait to bring our daughter home. I'll be praying for guardianship in record time!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

WOOO-HOOO!!!! This is FANTASTIC news! So happy for your family. Treya will be home before you know it. Have a wonderful time of relaxation and doing the happy dance on the beaches of Mexico.

April :-)

Kristy Hall said...

Congratulations on receiving NOC! What a wonderful way to end a day. I've been checking your blog regularly to see if you received yours as we're also awaiting NOC! Got an inquiry from CARA last week for more documentation so hoping ours follows a similar path as yours!

Sending positive thoughts for speedy guardianship!


Melanie said...

Oh Julie! What awesome news! Your post brought tears to my eyes. I am SO happy for you that things can now move on to the next step!! How fun it will be to continue celebrating in Mexico! Have a great trip!
Hugs from CO,

Amy said...

So thrilled for you! Enjoy your vacation!

Love all of the Diwali pics too - I am getting ideas ;)


The Harmons said...

Oh my goodness! I have goose bumps! Congrats! We are so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news! One step closer to bringing that sweet girlie home to her forever family.
Enjoy your time in Mexico!

Emily said...

Words cannot even describe it!!! Hallelujah comes closest!!! So unbelievably, undescribably happy for you!! She will be in your arms soon, so soon Julie. Finally, you have NOC :) Hugs and wooohoooos from California, Emily