Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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My Little Bride!

Probably the single most fascinating thing about being a mother is watching the way your children perceive the world.

Devi is consumed with fairies, princesses and all thing pink and purple, which is pretty typical. Lately, however, she has found a new obsession. Becoming a bride. I don’t recall ever even thinking about weddings as a girl, but she loves the idea of finding her one love at age 4, most likely a romantic seed planted by Disney. You know? Living happily ever after.

The wedding cake

The other night, her pretend world brought this dream to life. Zipped and tied into our dress up closet’s version of a wedding dress, she added a hoop skirt for twirl ability and veil - complete with crown, adorned with jewels and boa feathers for detail. For an unbelievable long period of time, she stood and admired herself in the full length mirror, all the while muttering under her breath the details of her dress, her wedding, her special day; posing this way and that, taking in her full beauty from all sides. Not typically drawn toward “sappy” I have to admit, I got a little choked up for a second. Squinting my eyes a little, I couldn’t help but envision her many years from now, actually facing the wonder of her real wedding day. Jerking me back to the present, I watched as she packed the play suitcase bound for the honeymoon!

Feet with a partial club foot repair.

Purple cast - week 1

The next step in club foot repair has begun for Treya. She will wear a cast on her left leg for the next 6 weeks. Each new cast, changed weekly, will slightly alter the position of her foot. The resilience of this child is amazing. This girl is a survivor who will let nothing stand in her way in life.

Treya chose purple as the color of this first cast. I don’t know that she is overly fond of the color, but she knows her sister is, and if Devi likes it so does little sis. The procedure is done fairly quickly, but because the walking cast cures from the outside in, we have to be certain that it is good and solid before bearing any of her weight. If the position of the foot inside the cast is altered, that week does not count and we have to start over. Specifically, no weight on that leg for 4 hours! Yes, you heard me right...4 hours and yes, she is wildly busy and a used-to-being-mobile 2 year old. Pat and I did the only thing we could think of...strapped her into a stroller and “strolled” the local mall, all the while trying to entertain her with boxes of raisins, yogurt bites and flipping wheelies! Honestly, does anyone know how hard it is to “waste” 4 hours with a toddler who isn’t suppose to stand up?

With a boot attached for stability, she now is able to walk on it, or run - as the case may be. Although incredibly heavy, the cast does not seem to be slowing her down one bit. The weight of it does take over at times sending her tumbling, flying and even left scrape marks on her forehead during an over zealous diaper change. While laying on her back, the wide-eyed look of surprise on her face, as her club-like uncontrollable leg came full force toward her face, had me chuckling only for a moment at her expense. Nothing that a bit of ointment and a kiss couldn’t soothe. Night night involves removing the boot, but adding the arm splint. Some how she manages to find a comfortable position wearing a cast on the left leg and the splint on her right arm. What a trooper!

Spring is coming....

...put away the hats and mittens!

Language continues to be our biggest stumbling block with Treya, sometimes rather than frustration, bringing the best comic relief. She has made vast improvements, but still only has limited sounds. All of her words begin with the B, D, T, or N sounds. The other night I made home-made Chicken Noodle Soup. It was delicious if I do say so myself. Trey thought so too, saying, “Mmmm....dum dum, poop!” To the trained ear that was “Mmmm....yum yum, soup!”

Love these girls beyond belief!

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Peter and Nancy said...

Four hours of being still!! Yikes. That's a tall order for a little girl who has place to go and thing to do! I love Devi in her bridal attire . . . I was not a girl who played wedding either, but I officiated plenty of Barbie weddings. :o) Anya Rashi was happy to see this post, because she has the same cake set. BTW, there's nothing sappy about you -- I think those moments of envisioning your child's adulthood are just part of having a mother's heart. (In other words, I do it too!)