Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Seasoned Veteran

Receiving our full attention this year, Treya marched us into the daycare/preschool to find our seats for our fifth dance recital, under the tutelage
of teacher Cat. Devi, now too old for this dance program,sat with us in the audience for the first time, ready to celebrate Treya’s accomplishments with a large bouquet of fresh farmer’s market flowers.

 A true creature of habit, Treya took her spot in the appropriate name tagged chair in the dressing room, just as in past years, ready to be dressed for her first number. Blooming with confidence, there was no need to offer encouragement or bolster bravery as stage fright was no where in sight.  Trey was prepared and ready to go with her signature gigantic smile plastered all the way across her face. 

As each of the ten pink tutu clad dancers took the stage, curtsied and found their starting pose on their knees, eyes closed with their head leaning on hands, it became evident that I had seen this dance before. Yes, it was the same “Dreaming of Being a Real Ballerina” performance that Devi danced in her second year as well (also documented in this blog). True to form, Treya also showed so much more maturity and precision in her movements with a whole year of practice under her belt. Recital for her went from being silly in front of a willing audience to serious business showing what she had learned.

A tap dance to the inch worm song followed. When single taps took place you could really hear the children were somewhat in unison, but as soon as multiple tapping steps took place in a row, you’d swear we had just been over taken by a cloud of chirping cicadas! Clickity clickity click! The kids were darling none the less and full of enthusiasm, concluding the dance as one long inch worm with their hands on the shoulders of the child in front of them, singing, dancing and smiling out to the audience. 

The week preceding the recital, Treya kept trying to tell me that a big secret would be revealed during the show. I would always follow this with a finger on my lips...shhhh...don’t tell me, I want to be surprised response. Finally, the grand finale was upon us. In walked each of the 10 children with a different animal mask covering their face. They danced to the song I like to move it, move it! It was hilarious with lion roars, and clawing paws and giant elephant steps - obviously the kids’ favorite! When Treya removed her mask she was beaming at us - knowing she had surprised us with a job well done. 

It is amazing to think that not so long ago our jelly bean could not hop or run and could barely jump. Today we saw such coordination, determination and pure joy on her face as she flitted around the stage. She smiled from ear to ear when Devi laid the flowers in her arms and kissed her on the cheek. Good job my little Trey. You are gem and we love you so much!   


Cristy said...

Way to go Treya! Such a beautiful smile!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! She did such a GREAT job. So glad to be reading your posts again, Julie!

Love,Lindley & Phill

Peter and Nancy said...

Occasions like this one truly do show how far she's come! What a wonderful event -- and I just love how she's beaming and proud of herself. <3

Anonymous said...

Oh so awesome!! Her beaming, beautiful smile says it all. Just love. (and I'm on my work Google account, so I signed in anonymous, but this is Miche)

No Greater Love said...

How fun!!! She is just so cute.

Kristen said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! GREAT JOB TREYA!!! YOu had to have so proud! You are such a great mama!!! xoxox

Karen said...

Oh my GOODNESS she is so dang adorable. What a determined little kid. Wow.